Dune 2021

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    I think it looks pretty good. It looks way better than the David Lynch disaster from the 1980s. It looks like they actually got the sword/shield combat and the ornithopters right. Just like how Herbert described them in the books.

  2. did i mention that every time i try to watch david lynch's dune, i keep falling asleep? man that movie cures insomnia.

    but i completely agree. this actually looks really good.
  3. Highly anticipated.

  4. Ha! I’ve also never made it thru Dune. But it’s the first thing I think of when I hear that Sandstorm EDM music.
  5. Saw the first movie. Hated it. Read the book. Boring. It's difficult to get excited about the new movie.
  6. The Lynch movie is awful and the book isn’t for everyone. I like the book but I can see why many people wouldn’t.
  7. The books get pretty weird but I loved them. It’s on par with LOTR and Enders Game for me. There were some borrowed elements with the freedom fighters and hints of Islamic/Middle Eastern culture, but the whole universe was pretty cool.

    I like my sci fi to have some mix of aliens, monsters, superpowers, space, and/or time travel. Dune checks off several criteria. Knife fighting weirding super soldiers with witch nuns and drugged out space pilots(I can’t remember if they could see the future or not)? And that’s before we even get into whole water of life and sandworm none sense. It’s a crazy story set in a pretty interesting setting.

    But yeah the lynch movie was not good. It was ok, just way too much a product of its time and director. Sci-fi channel has a short miniseries that did the books some justice and was fairly well received. This new series with the full weight of Netflix money and Jason Momoa should be pretty good. Could be as good as the Witcher for new and old school fans alike. At least I hope so.

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    I'm concerned that people will see Dune and think it's a Star Wars and/or Game of Thrones knockoff, when the exact opposite is actually true. What Dune may have working in its favor is that GoT and Star Wars both went to crap in recent years and the ideas they borrowed were executed better in Dune.
  9. gen-z has an alarming amount of geeks so i wouldn't too much about that happening
  10. Yeah and Zoomer girls love the guy they picked to play Paul. This may end up being very successful.
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    Postponed to late 2021.

    I'm glad. Covid would have killed the box office for this (maybe literally in some cases). And I'd like to see sequels.
  12. Holy shit this looks amazing. Exactly like the books. One of the best trailers I've ever seen

  13. That does look very promising. I wonder how much of the source material they plan to cover. It looks like it's going to be available on HBO Max, too, so I can watch it additional times at home on my HT setup if it turns out as well as the trailer.
  14. Didn't like the original movie. Disliked the book. /r/RoastMe
  15. Yeah well that's just like your opinion man
  16. [​IMG]

    To be fair though, the books are pretty weird. Even the first one. And I’m pretty sure that’s the most accessible. But it’s a lot of “spice must flow” one liners. But we barely know why it must flow. Or who anyone actually is. Or wtf a bene gesserit.

    At least with say LOTR or Enders Game we get the concepts immediately. Orcs and bugs. Dune is kinda dogmatic and political. But not in a fun Star Wars sort of way.

  17. Right. Dune is part of a larger universe but we never really find out much about it. The book is one big political, social economic story with random interesting bits. Events eventually lead to a war but it's over in a blink of an eye. Overall it's just boring.
  18. I saw it. It was good. It'd be a shame if they didn't make the second movie.
  19. Just saw it on HBO. I have no complaints. Really got the feel of the planet and the plot. I’m thinking of going to see it in the theater just to get the big screen flavor.

    HBO really hitting it out of the park for me this year. But it’ll be sad not to get a sequel because of streaming services. Hope they figure it out.

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    I thought it was excellent and very true to the feel of the book. My wife liked it even though she’s never read the book.