Epic Games Next Generation of Graphics

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Phisix, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I don't know where this should be posted, so I will put it in here.

    The developer Epic games has released a video on the "next generation" of computer graphics. I am sure this will interest most of you here.


    Video in the link above.

  2. Pretty graphics, but if it's not in-game I'm not interested. I see graphics better than that in movies all the time. In-game or GTFO.
  3. Eh? Isn't this video a tech demo of what the next generation can expect from the Unreal engine?
  4. If they manage to achieve even half the particle effects in that video in the next generation, I'll be impressed.
  5. This shows how much the PC is held back, half of that would be able to be achieved with an GTX580 system. This is running on a Tri 580 setup.
  6. The PC is held back by its marketshare for this sort of thing rather than anything else.
  7. I'm surprised they had such a violent scene for a tech demo. Seemed a bit gratuitous, unless they were demonstrating their brain splatter physics.
  8. I've always said if there's something that needs improving in games its brain splatter physics lol. So this is apparently what next gen games will look like in-game? About time, most games this generation have incredibly disappointing graphics.
  9. I didnt even mention the word console and your allready defending it.
    Anyways, now you mention it, yes, the consoles are one of the reasons the marketshare isnt as big as it was before, on the pc.
  10. I didn't mention the word console either. YOU LOSE.
  11. Ha. I didn’t mention console either so you all loose. Besides. The real reason that the PC is being held back is monsly. Yup. It’s him.
  12. My suspicions were right :D
  13. Damn right it's me. My secret organisation - The Kool Konsole Kollective - is gaining many followers.
  14. C'mon, your secret organization is the Onenchanbara Ogling Operatives. Stop trying to misdirect.
  15. I have a message for the Kool Konsole Kollective.

  16. I bought that game for its legitimate cult charm, I'll have you know.

    @bfun: Your threatening use of that damnable theme tune won't save you. Won't save you AT ALL.