Ethernet cables

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  1. Now I have my unlimited internet sorted which will be here in 16 days, I need a decent ethernet cable so I can play Xboxlive without any lag.

    I read online that Cat6 wires are the best for speed. Would this one below be any good and work for Xbox live?
  2. That should be fine. In the US, monoprice and newegg both have cheap ethernet cables. Not sure if there's a British equivalent, but that's not a bad price.

    Also, do you have a router?
  3. Xbox 360 only used 100Mbit LAN so Cat5e is all you need. You will see no benefit from Cat6.

    Additionally, for internet use 100Mbit is all you need unless of course you are reaching speeds of >100Mbit (lucky you). 1Gbit is only beneficial for HD content streaming over a local network.

    Save yourself some money and go for Cat5. At that price though, I'd probably just go for the Cat6 cable just incase you use it for something else in the future like say, streaming HD content to an Xbox720?
  4. I don't know about the UK but the US wont import any Ethernet cables from China due to them continually to use copper clad aluminum and not pure copper. Copper clad aluminum wont even meet Cat5e standards. If you buy a cable in the US it was most likely made in the US and meets all standards. Now if you buy a cable off of Ebay you can't really be sure of what you are getting. If it's from China it's not going to be true Cat6. Having said that it probably wont matter unless you're getting something over 10 meters long.
  5. Not yet. It is coming before the engineer comes to mine to set up the line. Well, I do have a Sky one which my flatmate has for his old line before he got in debt with them.

    Ah, nice one mate. I did see a cheaper Cat5 one earlier but was not sure. This one below. Any good?

    I will be playing Pro Evolution Soccer Master league Online, and Pesrankings official PES tournys so I don't want any lag at all as it can ruin how you play.
  6. Don't amazon do their basic essentials range? I'm sure there's an Ethernet cable in there.
  7. I got one now. Should be here on Saturday. Thats me sorted now. Just need to play the waiting game for when the internet is set up.
  8. In The Netherlands we are able to get 120Mbit/s on cable and some cities have 1Gbit/s lines for every home there (and unfortunatelly my city doesn't have that. :p).

    I have very expensive CAT5 cable running through my home which still does 1Gbit through the network. I have to say that cable (or actually the box it came from) has been used in a corporation. So it is really expensive.
  9. I still use the cables that come with my routers and bridges that I buy.. bhahaha.
  10. yeah I figure it's like thermal paste... why bother?? besides in the us wireless (4g) has become just about as good without all the mess.
  11. yea, that's been my experience. then i just got some simple cat6 cables for my gigabit router. the most you should really be worried about is the latency you get from you to your isp.
  12. Cat 5 does Gigabit just fine over shorter distances. Cat6 is just higher standards and shielding.
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  16. I have a PC right over the other side of the building running on 15 year old CAT5 that runs at 1Gbps just fine.