Ever heard of the Zosma core Phenom II??

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Their basically Thuban (x6) procs with 2 "corrupt" cores. That means at the least they are Phenom II x4 with turbo! AMD released them to OEMs only soon after they started selling x6's (die harvested) but they've recently (june maybe?) gone to retail in Japan/ Hong Kong! You can get them off ebay, but if it's retail it's probably coming from Asia and overpriced. Anybody have any benchmarks on these? any links I get are in engrish and don't include benches.

    Might as well get an i5... if you don't already have a ddr2 slot am2+ motherboard :/ like me. I refuse to support AMD's twice rebranded 9x0 chipsets. or their 8x0 same as the 7x0 just with usb3 and sata 6.0 chipsets :/

    Bulldozer isn't until end of the year either :/
  2. AMD hasn't produced a decent CPU since the Athlon 64.

    If you're on a tight budget, get a Sandy Bridge i3.
  3. always the opinionated curmudgeon monkey but yeah, amd hasn't put anything new out for the desktop since the Phenom II x6 10 months ago.
  4. That might make for a really good value processor depending on the price. I don’t think too many people will be getting excited about it though.
  5. Just another unlockable proc from amd... but get this. the ones I can find on ebay are about the same price as the 6-core version I can get on Newegg! Really slightly a 'bum' deal for Americans. Might be ok for Brits and Euros where tech retail prices are higher though.
  6. they also advertise the turbo speed I think... but if the turbo works like it does on 6-core than it WILL always be running at turbo speed (since it's 4-core) and may never ramp up? How else can a 970t run at 3.5ghz... so how it ramps up is a mystery to me.

    Unless that speed is NOT the turbo speed... and it shouldn't be cuz those other two cores are 'turned off' thus can't help out with a quad threaded application. BUT if it's 3.5ghz than it SHOULD be a 990t according to amd's naming scheme... I'd like to know if this 3.5ghz ramps up to 3.7 or 3.9ghz... and what happens when you unlock the other 2 cores??

    anyway it's just good to know whats going on around you...