Fable 3 dev: PC piracy “less problematic than 2nd-hand sales on xbox\"

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Fusion, May 18, 2011.

  1. Glad to see someone not taking the cop out of blaming poor PC sales on piracy. It's simply not the case.

    Fable 3 will probably sell poorer than expected because the game seems to be heavily lacking, but at least with this article, if MS comes out and states piracy as a reason for not supporting the PC gaming platform like they used to, they will look a little stupid.
  2. Thought that it was going better now with PC gaming, or atleast it was going better then stated by the devs complaining about piracy (Crytek?).

    They should make games for the PC, not with console in mind. Games like Dues Ex, FreeSpace 2, Half Life, Red Alert, UT99 are just no-more.
  3. Not only that but it's pretty easy to pirate 360 games too (just flash your DVD drive), and a quick look at the torrent sites reveals a lot of people are sharing 360 games. There will always be piracy. Good games will still sell well regardless.