Fable Legends - DX12 Title

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. There hasn't been too much talk about this game. I'm guessing it's because the series went down hill and it's limited to Xbox and PC. Anyway I like how it looks. It's whimsical and reminds me of WOW.

    This is the 2015 E3 trailer.


    This is their benchmark tool which shows off some of the graphics.

  2. I liked the first Fable, but found the sequels disappointing. Peter Molyneux has a bad tendency to promise the world and then deliver disappointing games. Fable 2 seemed like it was trying too hard to be like an MMO. 3 just seemed lame and I never played very far into it. Legends might be something I pick up during a Steam sale if it has good reviews and positive word of mouth.
  3. Isn't it F2P or is that only part of the game?

    EDIT: Yes, yes it is;

    I think they are going after the DOTA etc crowd. Personally I can't stand those games, but this does look quite a bit different and seems like it could have some fun game modes. F2P could ruin it, but I'll likely give it a go.