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  1. Should I use or not use?
  2. I found it horrible, got rid.
  3. it's one of the best group messengers for me. I mainly only use this and google hangouts for any form of messaging.
  4. I prefer WhatsApp. The positives to FB messenger are using it from a desktop browser and a steady rotation of available GIFs and sticker packages. I suspect most of that will be of zero interest to you. In conclusion, go with WhatsApp.
  5. So when facebook says I have a message and wants me to use messenger I have the option of using WhatsApp? It wont keep bugging me to use messenger?
  6. No... not even close. These are independent instant messaging platforms that cannot communicate with each other. Think AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ messengers on desktop except on mobile.

    Unless you refuse to communicate with people using another software, you'll have to embrace: Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, SnapChat, MMS, and good old SMS for max coverage.

    The user overlap is enormous, I've just preferred WhatsApp when that happens.
  7. you have to use Facebook messenger to read a message you got from it. it's all instant messaging so it's specific to that platform.

    is bfun Encino man?
  8. Ah that's what I needed to know. I think this facebook thing is pretty neat. Probably going to be a big thing someday.
  9. all kidding aside, for a messaging platform to win me over, it needs to meet a few key things.

    easy access
    google hangouts - just needs a google account which alot of people have. comes preinstalled on android devices.
    facebook messenger - alot of people already have facebook accounts. on top of that, facebook removed the restriction of requiring a facebook account to use it.

    desktop client
    google hangouts - yes
    facebook messenger - yes

    there are some quality of life things that improve upon each one for me too. since google hangouts also has google voice integration, it's basically an all-in-one app for me. i don't use sms/mms at all anymore, but in the rare time that i would need to, it is done through google voice, in which hangouts is my client. that means i receive it on every single device i have with google hangouts on it. iphone, ipad, android phone, desktop, and laptop. i can also receive/make calls from every single one of those devices too. the only downfall of hangouts for me is that google doesn't support any ecosystem outside of android or ios.

    for facebook messenger, since it supports payments now, it's a super fast way for my sister and brother in law to pay me every month for their portion of the phone bill.
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  10. I've been meaning to try out FB payments. I've been using Venmo without much problem for some time. Realistically, I'd probably end up needing both...
  11. yea, i'd keep venmo for the "business" transactions. facebook messenger is more or less just quick payments between family and friends. like you're with a group of friends and you go to some restaurant that doesn't split the check. everyone can just pay their portion of the bill to the person who picks up the check.

    facebook even hyperlinks any amount you type in a message with a $ in it. so you can just say, "hey man, it was $8.62" and the recipient of the message just needs to tap that to send you $8.62
  12. Facebook is for fags
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  13. lol that's what I use venmo for... am I doing it wrong? Is it supposed to be for strippers and cocaine?