Fall 2014 TV Season

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  1. I work a seasonal job, so I've been getting away with watching a truly impressive amount of TV at work. It allows me to watch shows I wouldn't otherwise bother with so I'm getting more variety. The downside is that there is way more crap on TV than I ever knew. So far I've gotten through:

    The Good: [would watch at home]
    Gotham - Good start, we'll see if they can hold it together.
    The Flash - Best pilot so far.

    The Bad:
    How to get away with Murder - Stupid stupid show. Not what I expected. Worst pilot.
    Mysteries of Laura - boring
    Red Band Society - boring
    A-Z - HIMYM knock off. Attractive lead who happened to be "the mother".
    Manhattan Love Story - HIMYM knock off. Average lead.
    Bad Judge - boring
    Stalker - boring

    OK [during work hours]:
    Selfie - redhead lead from other thread
    Blackish - entertaining enough
    Forever - Started off good, going bad pretty quickly

    Watch List:
    Constantine - My #1 anticipation
    Wayward Pines - Seems like a M. Knight version of Twin Peaks/Silent Hill/Alan Wake
    Gracepoint - Liked UK version. Supposed to be identical so tough to rewatch.
    Scorpion - Looks incredibly stupid, but entertaining.

    Keep in mind this is based on 1-3 episodes so far. Anybody have any recommendations?
  2. I would recommend cutting down on the boob toob. It's a gateway drug to internet stupidity.
  3. No Simpsons?
  4. New pilots for the year, not old shows. I didn't watch any of it on TV, all internet streaming. I'm through the gateway and floating in the abyss already.

    I get paid to watch this shit. I don't think I've watched this much TV before... I could probably be fired and rehired next year if they were smart.
  5. Tried watching How to Get Away With Murder and it was hilariously terrible. I barely made it through the first episode without turning it off. First year law students being assigned to high profile murder cases was so absurd it was impossible to suspend disbelief. Also why is the black woman from The Help so angry all the time?
  6. When does Constantine start?

    The new Flash was actually quality.
  7. @monkey. Not only that, but each high profile murder cases wrap up with the weekly class session! Not surprising at all that this garbage turns out to be the best rated of the season...

    @phisix Constantine is this Friday in the US.
  8. I watched one episode of Scorpion and shot it down because of unacceptable stupidity.
  9. Anyone watch Hannibal?
  10. Did season 3 start? I posted about this show a lot on the old forum.

    I thought Hannibal Season 1 was some of the best TV I've ever seen on a broadcast network. Season 2 was also great... but parts of it really stretched the suspension of disbelief thin. I also think Mads Mikkelsen is the definitive Hannibal Lector now. He makes Anthony Hopkins' performance looks like a Jim Carrey homage.

    If you've followed the show, they have a very elaborate 7 season storyboard. S1/S2 was pre-Red Dragon. S3 should be the Red Dragon/Manhunter events. S4-5 will be Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal events. Hopefully they are able to clear the name Clarice Sterling, which the shows production company do not own yet. S6-7 is supposed to be original content like S1-2.
  11. I watched the first episode of The Flash, it was full of cliché, we shall see if it continues.
  12. The first episode of Constantine is currently F-R-E-E on iTunes.
  13. Constantine

    This was my most anticipated show of the season which may have led to high expectations...

    I gotta say, the pilot was underwhelming. It felt sloppy and the pacing was way too fast. It would've benefited from an extended 60 or 80 minute premiere, for what it tried to do.

    Will give it the benefit of a few more episodes something I rarely do for other duds.
  14. I actually enjoyed it although it did seem a bit more rushed then what a pilot should have done. See how the next few episodes go to see what this show will be like.
  15. Cancellation tally:

    Manhattan Love Story
    Members Only
    A to Z
    Bad Judge
    Emerald City
    Mission Control
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Midseason replacements:

    - Mix of House & Dwight Schrute detective show. Doesn't work for me.
    Fresh off the Boat - I laughed.
    Agent Carter
    - Not bad, but very tangled in Marvel's Comic Universe. Requires effort to keep up.

  16. I watched the first few eps of fresh off the boat. I laughed too. mainly due to it being a ton of 90s references. I relate so much.
  17. Empire is awful. My wife has had it on a few times. Ridiculous over-acting and crap music.
  18. Fresh Off the Boat is pretty funny. Having also grown up in Florida in the 90s when my parents relocated for their business, I find it easy to relate to.
  19. lol this fresh of the boat.... non-stop 90s references for me relive my childhood. i remember my ODB phase and those stupid ass block parties!
  20. Last Man on Earth

    The premise is really one note. I can't see this show lasting. Although it is refreshing to see a comedic approach to an end of the world TV show. Walking Dead is always so grimdark all the damn time. Humor apparently no longer exists after the zombie apocalypse.