Fallout 4

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by alterego, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. The new Fallout 4 teaser trailer seems kind of underwhelming.

  2. Dogmeat. :)
  3. It does but fallout always looks underwhelming. It's a slow turn based RPG with long story arcs.
  4. Yeah, didn't seem particularly next gen really. Still, loved fallout 3 so I'm hopeful it'll come good. Keep wondering if New Vegas is worth a try; started straight after 3 but it didn't really grab me. Is it worth revisiting?
  5. New Vegas is brilliant but don't play on PS3. If you do turn off all auto saving but save manually every 20 seconds because it will crash, a lot, all the time. If you leave auto save on it will crash even more than all the time.

    Bethesda could not code for PS3.
  6. It's not limited to the looks. Emerging from the vault and exploring the barren landscape is the exact same scenario as Fallout 3. I'm just wondering if Bethesda has anything new up their sleeve for this one. I got a fairly strong rehash feeling from that trailer.
  7. It's pretty much the same stuff but with a more colorful story. In some ways I liked it better but it also felt somewhat dated when it was new.
  8. Worst depth of field I've ever seen. Do Bethesda even know how to make game?
  9. You've got worst depth of field.
  10. Who is playing on day one? Meeeee. That's who.
  11. I'll be playing it at launch. Skyrim and FO3 were two of the best games last gen.
  12. Might get it just to see what all the fuss is about. Never played fallout before.
  13. I need to see some more of it before I decide. I liked Fallout 3, but it wasn't one of my favorite open world games from last gen. I found the Washington, DC part of it to be kind of annoying and restrictive.
  14. I preferred NV, more varied and a nicer less dull setting. Just a shame it was so broken on PS3.

    Bethesda messed up everything they did on PS3, seeing as PS4 is basically just a PC with its own OS I hope they can get it right this time.
  15. Bethesda was just the publisher for New Vegas. It was developed by Obsidian, who are notorious for glitchy games.

    I'm not really getting all of the Bethesda hate in this thread anyway. FO3 and Skyrim were awesome. I felt like I got more for my money with those games than almost anything last gen.

    Whatever. Be farty and lame. I'm buying Fallout 4.
  16. I know they did. Both games used the Gamebyro engine and I imagine Obsidian used quite a lot of the FO3 code to speed things up with development.

    FO3 was a buggy mess on PS3 and so was Skyrim, Bethesda proved themselves incompetent when it came to coding for PS3. I never tried Oblivion on PS3 but a quick google shows that to be very buggy too.

    I don't hate Bethesda, they just couldn't make games for PS3 without them being broken. Their games were the only games I ever played which were guarenteed to crash at least once every session, and I don't mean crash the game, I mean crash the system. Needed a full restart every time. I managed to soldier through them in the end, with Skyrim turning off auto save stopped it crashing every 5 minutes, with NV it helped but it was still likely.

    For me it is Fallout > Elder Scrolls so I am looking forward to this.
  17. They ran fine on PC. I encountered a couple of glitches in dozens of hours of play. But nothing like you are describing.
  18. I think the issues were limited to PS3 hence my saying that they couldn't code for PS3. I played FO3 on 360 and it ran fine.
  19. VATS for the win.

  20. So are you buying a game guide for this one?