Fallout 76

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  1. Vault 76 had been mentioned in previous games as a vault that opened just 20 years after the nuclear war. Both Fallout 3 and 4 took place around 200 years later. Supposedly there wont be any established civilizations yet and this will be more of a survival RPG like DayZ. There will also be an online multiplayer component.

  2. So far the user reviews are pretty bad. People are saying it's basically FO4 but without a story or NPCs.
  3. pretty bad is putting it nicely. the game is total shit. i'm not even imitating cmdr here. it's pretty embarrassing coming from a huge publisher like bethesda. i'm not sure what they were thinking releasing a game a like this.

    there has been 2 hilarious bugs. one deleted the game from your pc.. i'm not even kidding about this one. the other one was increasing your framerate to increase your overall speed (movement, attack, etc.). this one is a problem from the game's engine and has been around forever in bethesda's past elder scrolls and fallout games since they use the same engine. bethesda said a fix isn't coming out for that until the game's launch. hilarious.
  4. There is a bug where if you downloaded the beta you could not delete it from your system unless you buy the game. Classic Bethesda with all these problems.
  5. The delete the whole game bug is pretty funny. That could be the ultimate saving throw fail. Real world consequences for springing a trap.
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    That's what I've been hearing. It's FO4 without any of things that make FO4 fun to play.

    I've never been that into multiplayer RPG shooters like Destiny and Borderlands anyway, so I think I'll be skipping this one or holding off until it gets extremely cheap.

    Also what's up with it not being on Steam? I guess they want the PC version to fail.
  7. Destiny and Borderlands at least have storylines.
  8. I really don't even know why they wasted their time and effort with this overglamorized FO4 multiplayer DLC when they have Fallout 5, Elder Scrolls 6, and Starfield to be working on.
  9. Because on paper its an awesome idea, but being Bethesda you know it would be bad.
  10. It would probably be fine if it had a full story and NPCs. I would imagine it feels pretty empty without that stuff.
  11. An MMO without NPC's is a bit weird really.
  12. I guess this game is as easy to hack as the single player versions. Unlimited ammo. Speed hacks by unlocking the frame rate lock. This guy is getting owned by someone speeding all over the map.

  13. Wow that looks bad. This game belongs in the dumpster.
  14. Professional reviews currently sitting at 46% on Metacritic. Ouch!
  15. They need to go back to the drawing board with Fallout. 3 was amazing, but 4, although fun was not really great and the story thin at best.
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    They've gotten lazy and greedy I think. Fallout 4 was fun like you said, but it was also pretty mediocre and something they clearly slapped together without much effort.

    76 is just a straight-up half-assed cash grab where they don't give two fucks.

    Skyrim was Bethesda's last really good game, and that was almost a decade ago at this point. Their more recent stuff just doesn't have the same magic as Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim.
  17. Its like they tried to make a Fallout version of No Man's Land.
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    Proper reviews are out.

    Gamespot 4/10
    IGN 5/10

    A 4 out of fucking 10. This game belongs in a landfill.
  19. Price drop already for it. not a good sign. Only been a week as well.