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  1. What do people think about this game? I heard it was bad but I'm enjoying it. PC gamer gave it a 92.
  2. I hear it is much the same as Fallout 3, so I would have to wait for a bit to play this as Fallout 3 got boring near the end of the game. My Brother has it though as he seems to be enjoying it, but says it has loads of bugs and it freezes sometimes. Not a good reason to spend your money in my opinion..
  3. Has anyone else gotten the Wild Wasteland perk? I caught the India Jones reference but that's it so far.
  4. Yeah I took it; there are hundreds of references and other funny things that come as a consequence of taking it. It's just hard to notice them sometimes.
  5. What kind of weapons do you give your traveling companions? I only give them low grade guns with cheap ammo because they seem to waste most of it. I'm thinking about only giving them melee weapons and using them as meat shields.
  6. They have their own weapon's and intimate ammo. Arcade gannon is the best human comp with his plasma gun and I used ed-e as robot instead of Rex. Having 2 companions really makes the game easier.
  7. Really? I got the sniper guy from the dinosaur and I think his gun crapped out and he ran out of ammo. I gave him a 9mm and he blew through all the rounds. The I gave him a plasma riffle and hew went to town with that. When he ran out of ammo he started attacking everything with a knife.
  8. Never had anything like that happen. Didn't use Boone much but when I did he usually had his rifle. If he does go for close combat use the companion menu to tell him to use ranged.

    Go to route 188 trading.post and pick up Veronica as that is close. She is BoS and can get you onto a good quest chain. She only uses close combat and usually kills everything with 1 punch to the face.

    Help the followers once you get to freeside to get arcade but make sure you do BoS quests first as its easy way to get power armor training.
  9. From the wiki

    I'm not sure if Boone even has his original gun anymore.
  10. After Lily Boon was probably my least favourite humanoid companion so I wouldn't worry too much. I mostly used Veronica up until Freeside and then Arcade because his plasma pistol did some really good damage.

    Did you get Ed-e in Primm? I didn't even realise there were 'second' companions until near the end of the game. Its well worth having a second and Ed-e really helps with seeing enemies earlier. Its also nice to have it around if you use Veronica, because she uses short range attacks its good to have a ranged companion to back her up.

    Both Veronica and Arcade have pretty good side quests that can really help you come the end battle attached to them so make sure you explore well with them to get them to initiate said quests.
  11. I was reading up on Veronica and I guess near the end of the game I would need to kill or part with her temporarily. There is some kind of Brotherhood of Steel base that needs to be destroyed.

    It also seems that Boone is regarded as one of the most helpful companions but that isn't too important to me. I think I could finish the game without any companions. I'm doing sniper, shotgun perks and with guns at 100 I'll be pretty dangerous. I'm still in my underwear though. I've never picked up any armor as I made a real weakling of a character. I put my points in luck so I get BOOM Headshots!
  12. For house ending yes, not sure about NCR or Legion ending.
  13. I am like 5 or 6 hours into the game and it's old, good F3 in a different setting. Thus, I like it very much.

    As my character is somewhere between 5th and 6th level, the game is challenging - I've just finished exploring the basement of the REPCONN facility with these invisible blue super mutants and it's been a tough hour.

    From what I've observed, there are just minor differences between this game and F3, like you do not get a perk on each level but only on selected levels. Also, the equipment seems to have different prices in shops - I do not remember paying over 100 caps for a stimpack.

    Will briefly report my progress after another 15-20 ingame hours.
  14. Depends on the faction you side with, if you choose to at all. If you go with the NCR or by yourself you have the option of not destroying it. For House and Caesar it must be destroyed to progress.

    Also in response to whether boon still has his scoped hunting rifle, he always will have it and it has unlimited ammunition. You just need to unequip what ever gun he is currently using (or remove it's ammo) and he'll go back to the hunting rifle.
  15. I don't know. I gave him Cook Cook's golf club and he's going to town with it.
  16. I believe you mean Driver's golf club. Cook Cook was the rapist chef with the abundance of flame based weaponry.
  17. Yeah thats right. Driver was pretty bad ass. He about beat me to death with the club. I was going to toss it but then I saw it was worth over 400 caps so I kept it. Cook Cook went down fast.
  18. Driver's club is pretty good and pretty valuable, it has nothing on Oh, Baby! though.
  19. Started this Game again today gonna do the Caesers Legion and Mr house ending this time, I couldn't do them last time due to glitches so wish me luck haha.

    I've learned my lessons I'm not gonna rely solely on Autosaves and Im getting rid of ED-E Permanently when Get to the Lucky 38.

    Instead of going for guns this time I'm going for energy weapons melee unarmed and explosives in order to unlock those achievements, so the game experience sound be different enough to keep me playing, I've currently just done the Repcon Ghoul thing and I'm now on my way to Boulder City, I'm already Level 30 :D
  20. Why would you get rid of ED-E? He is so much better than Rex and I managed to finish with the house ending with him/her/it in my team.