Fantastic Four by 20th Century FOX

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  1. So apparently Marvel has been trying to sabotage this movie release by removing any mention of FF from Marvel events and marketing. To me it looks like a regular SciFi movie that may be loosely based on the FF.
  2. I thought they already tried to make this and it was totally gay. Didn't it have like Jessica Alba, the guy from The Shield as a rock monster, some bad CGI terminator dude on a surfboard as the villain, and a 5% on Rotten Tomatoes?
  3. Another reboot...*sigh. Cannot be any worse than the other two though.
  4. In defense of the first two movies I have to say that the FF were kind of silly to begin with. By trying to stay true to the story they were bound to make mediocre movies.
  5. I wouldn't complain about this type of stuff man. The original Marvel movies of these weren't that good and the reboots have always been better than the original. See Hulk and X-Men. I thought the Amazing Spiderman was done better too.

    I REALLY liked where they were going with Xmen First Class and Days of Future Past and both that and this Fantastic Four movie are handled by 20th Century Fox so I have high hopes.

    Also I'm kind of interested to see how this director's style goes. I don't know if anyone here watched Chronicle, but that was quite a surprise for me. It's a found footage movie with a plot sort of like Akira.
  6. Well this director has already been choose to direct one of the stand alone Star Wars movies coming out. Probably Boba Fett or Solo. I guess someone believes in him.
  7. My guess is that the average Hollywood writer would be scratching their heads as how to make Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl seem interesting enough relative to the Human Torch and the Thing. That tends to be the bland side of the group even in the comic version.
  8. The new Thing.

  9. It looks like he fell into a galactic bowl of Cookie Crisps and Coco Puffs. Maybe I'm just hungry for cereal.
  10. More along the lines of Cocoa Krispies.

  11. A definite improvement on the previous films.
  12. It looks like a monster made out of dried dog poop that's been baking in the sun.
  13. It's basically the classic Stone Golem. Jack Kirby used a lot of religious inspirations for his comic book work.
  14. I consider this a few notches above Ant-Man. Fantastic Four wasn't even cool in the mid-90's... let alone now. I have a hard time believing they will attract a young audience. It's going to be an interesting role reversal, where old ass people from the 60's/70's force their kids to watch it with them.
  15. Like I said before, the problem is always going to be Reed and Sue Richards, i.e., the boring half of the group. Human Torch and the Thing are tailor made for contemporary CGI mayhem and smart a** dialogue.
  16. Didn't care for this?

  17. No. To me, that's an example of how trying to be faithful to the design of the print version of the character is not necessarily a good idea for live action.