Fantasy Gaming Crossovers

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  1. We all like game crossovers. when one of your favourite character or characters from one game are then in the same game as another set of another of your favourites we especially like it.

    What I would like to know is what is your fantasy gaming crossovers? Smash Brothers and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games are an example but you could think of anything. Be sure to give reasons and what type of game it is and also what that game would involve.
  2. On the contrary, I hate crossovers and stay away. They're usually crap (with the exception of Smash Bros Melee) or ruin the universe for me. Example: MK vs DC universe, POS game that doesn't even deserve the name Mortal Kombat, and Mortal Kombat hasn't been good for about a decade.

    The only crossovers I will entertain will be Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter.
  3. Kingdom hearts
    It has Disney and different final fantasy chars in one game.
  4. Marvel vs Capcom!!

    We need some "fantasy" crossovers you guys would want, not ones already out.
  5. Wrong.

    Mortal Kombat has NEVER been good.
  6. I disagree, MKII was fantastic fun back in the day. Been messing around with the MK9 demo, its OK and a lot better than anything thats been out under the MK name for many years. Mileena isn't the overpowered character she was back in the MKII days anymore....

    As for gaming crossovers, in general I tend to stay away from them and the only one I really played in the last 10 years was probably Kingdom Hearts.
  7. You appear to be working under some sort of misapprehension.

    In the late 20th century the fighting genre was ruled largely by 2 franchises. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat (Tekken entered the fray sometime later). Of the two big players I always preferred MK. The gore, the fatalities. It was very '90s and while Street Fighter spent years away getting surgery and being pampered to return all youthful and pretty Mortal Kombat kept slaving away with a few poor entries and is now very dated.

    This might look old and terrible now but remember it is well over a decade old.

    That's awesome and if you think any differently then you're a fool!
  8. Have you tried the new demo? The damage that the characters and their clothing/armour take as you battle is pretty cool and its a lot more refined that anything since MKIII. Graphically its pretty nice and the 4 demo characters seems pretty balanced although I only used cage to see his fatality.

    As with ALL fighting games I don't think it will be overly worth playing if you play mostly on your own but if you have some friends or want a go online with it then I think it may be worth a pop later on. I might pick it up at some point depending on what else is out and what else I am playing at the time.
  9. MK was inferior to SF back in the day. Most of its success was based off novelty things rather than the game's inherent quality. I'd say MK2 was the best of the series by a mile and was a good game back in its time. Nowhere near SF2 though.