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  1. Didn't see a thread for this yet.

    So I've got it, and it's good. I was a little concerned that it was too similar to Far Cry 3. Don't get me wrong, I loved Far Cry 3. But with this being a new generation I expected more than the same game in a new location, but thankfully it's all good.

    The reused animations lifted straight from Far Cry 3 had me worried. Far Cry 4 looked more like an expansion than a next gen sequel, but it fits my definition of a successful sequel, "More of the same, but bigger and better." And the game is gorgeous (by console standards). I'm glad to say it does look next gen. Makes a nice change.

    The first thing I noticed was that the driving is all done with the left stick. That's right. Accelerate, brake, turning left and right, all done with the left stick. The reason for this is you can fire your sidearm while driving, with L2 to aim and R2 to shoot. This is made even easier by the awesome auto drive function. If you click L3 the car will maintain speed and follow whatever road you're on. If you've placed a marker on the map the car will follow the road to get there, this means you can concentrate 100% on shooting the arseholes behind you. It's good fun.

    The skill tree has returned only there's two animals now instead of the 3 from FC3. Most of the skills will be familiar to you such as when you take a guard down you can hit R2 to grab their knife and silently kill another nearby guard, but there's obviously new skills, such as being able to pull alongside an enemy vehicle and click R3, which will kill the baddies in the enemy car. Also the enemies wear red and the good guys wear blue, just like last time.

    Crafting returns and is much the same. You can craft a larger wallet, larger loot bag, ammo holders and the like by collecting enough of a required animal skin, with the last upgrade requiring the skin of a rare/legendary animal. I haven't tried these hunting events yet. You can also craft "syringes", although I'm pretty sure they're syrettes. Luckily you don't have to craft the healing syringes. Simply collecting two green leaves is enough to get the game to auto craft the syringe for you.

    Pagan Min is actually kind of funny in this game. Much like Vaas you see how nasty he is at the beginning and then don't really see him for ages, but Min keeps in touch with you via your radio, talking about the days when he loved your Mother before he was gay, you know, typical villain talk.

    Riding an elephant while armed with a rocket launcher is a small joy you have to experience for yourself. The wildlife is even more dangerous than before. Eagles will dive bomb you and fuck your shit up, honey badgers simply don't give a fuck, and I shot a tiger 5 times with my sniper rifle yesterday before it died, two of those were headshots. That said I've not really died due to wildlife, although I've come close many times.

    The coop mode isn't as fluid as I was expecting. When someone joins you (via invite) you'll see a loading screen and whatever mission you were on is abandoned. Same thing happens when they leave. You can do pretty much everything you can do in single player which is how the coop should have been in Far Cry 3, and although I did have fun and a laugh I'm enjoying the game more when playing solo. Still, a welcome addition.

    I didn't really get into the multiplayer of Far Cry 3 but I'll give it more of a shot this time around, luckily there are only two trophies related to PvP and they're both gettable.

    But enough of this talk. If you like Far Cry you won't be disappointed with Far Cry 4. I recommend it. Now here's some clips I shared from my PS4.

    This was me repelling an attack from a new enemy type, the hunter.


    Me and a friend tackling a fortress, which is basically a mentalist outpost.

    The wingsuit is much more useful this time around, and pretty funny to watch.

    Easiest assassination ever.

    The land of Kyrat can be incredibly beautiful at times. Sometimes I almost think I'm playing some kind of next gen Oblivion.

    If you liked Far Cry 3 you should just buy this, it's simply better in every way.
  2. You saying about driving and shooting, Colin Furze got busy with the concept.


    You can also watch 2 videos of him making the thing.

    On another note my brother is playing this a lot and he seems to enjoy it too.
  3. I'd like to know how they got the Tuk Tuk in-game to pop a wheelie, not been able to manage that so far.
  4. I played about an hour of Far Cry 4, but got bored and never bothered with it again. Just looked like more of the same. I liked FC3, but this seemed like a really mediocre rehash from what I played.
  5. Granted I've seen nothing more than just the picture on the front of the game box but I've come to the same conclusion. It's an expansion of FC3. I'll pick it up a year from now when it's under $20.