Favorite Game deveoper(s)

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  1. Who are Your favorite Game Developers?

    post either your favorite or a list of those you like and why I'll start...

    (No particular Order)

    1. Squarenix- They make high quality (Usually) RPG's and make my favorite game series of all time Final fantasy.
    2.EA games, Admittedly they make some right crap but they also make some of the best sports titles such as Fight night and Fifa as well as havin a hand in games such as mass effect
    3. Rockstar , they make GTA nuff said, I don't think I've ever played a game by rockstar that I didn't like.
    4.Nintendo- they've made more top quality games than I can remember and still do although they do seem to make a lot of shovel-ware these days also.

    Honorable mentions to Sega, Eidos, Rare and Code masters who all used to make pretty good games but seem to have pretty much disappeared :(
  2. My favourite game developers would have to be Team Ico and thatgamecompany for bringing something new every time and they have all been high quality releases.

    Media Molecule has to have a shout out, for LittleBigPlanet and for being British.
  3. @Luke: Nintendo make shovelware? What? What games are you thinking of exactly?
  4. Maybe shovelware wasn't the right term I mean crap that I don't enjoy or even consider a game such as the fitness games they bring out., what happened to people just doing exercise normally/ going to the gym lol.
  5. Hmm well, not being particularly up to date with current gen but... my absolute fave was the old SNK/ Sacnoth/ Aruze.

    I also like People can Fly, their nothing special but Painkiller just had that special... I think they were the first 3D game to go back to the 'big freaking monster at the end of the level' formula. Not a biggie but... their gamers and I respect that. A little nervous about the hype-machine Bulletstorm but...

    Whoever made Torchlight may be the next Blizzard because... they are Blizzard :eek:

    Bioware hasn't been tainted by the spoils of success.... yet. Bioshock Infinite we shall see. But I will look forward to their next game for all time!

    Where did Mystwalker go?? Stupid Microsoft they do this to everybody (Rare?)
  6. Hmm. Mine would be:

    - Konami
    - Capcom
    - Square-Enix
    - Blizzard
    - Nintendo
    - Nippon Ichi
  7. acclaim
  8. Valve, Blizzard, and Bioware
  9. Warp, eh? That's a bit of a leftfield choice. I think their games were interesting but flawed; think I've got most of their Western releases, thinking of it.
  10. Bioware
  11. Treasure.
    Probably my favourite developer. A small team but one that has made so many great games.

    Julian Gollop.
    Made some of the greatest turn based strategy games I've ever played.

    Responsible for so many great games. Shame to see their drop in recent years.

    They've got to be in here. So many defining and classic games.

    Nippon Ichi.
    Another great developer of turn based strategy RPGs. Disgaea is up there with my all time favourites for sure so I've got to give them a place.

    There's too many others to mention, thinking of it. Bioware, Konami, Capcom, Taito, Criterion, Camelot, blah blah blah. Tsk.
  12. Bethesda, (back in the day) Westwood, Relic, Bioware, Epic and Bungie.
  13. Well if we want to go to back in the day I'll add SSI and Sierra.
  14. I would add them but I never got to enjoy their titles from back then. I was too young/not alive.
  15. I think Valve make good games but are the kings of taking the piss when it comes to making their fans wait for what they want. I like Epic fo the Gears games. I have to mention Bungie for Halo and applaud them for their attitude towards their community and fans. Sonic Team contributed to many happy childhood memories so they go on the list.
  16. Team ICO
    Naughty Dog
    Clover/ Platinum Games

    Until this generation I would have listed Square Enix in the top 3, as they have created some of my favorite games of all time (Chrono Trigger, FF VI and XII, DQ VIII, Secret of Mana). Now I don't have much interest in them.
  17. Namco

    Westwood Studios
  18. Well you have to give credit where credit is due. Their stuff just plain ol works. Even their free stuff (alien swarm) worked perfectly. They're not chained down by a publisher to rush through any QA process. I cannot say the same for 95% of the other PC game devs. I can't think of the last time I played a PC game (that wasn't from valve) without something broken in the multiplayer connections.