FIFA Corruption

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by gafferuk1981, May 31, 2011.

  1. Did anybody see the Sepp Blatter press conference yesterday, what a joke, the man is doing his best to ruin football.

    First he refuses to adopt much needed goal line technology which has hurt the last world cup and the premier league.

    Now he expects us to believe Qatar did not buy the world cup. How else does a country with no football team or even stadia get the chance to host a world cup and let's not forget the heat will be unbearable for the players but FIFA don't care they're too busy swimming in bribery payments.

    When Blatter said the 2018 and 2022 world cups would be contested at the same time surely that raised alarm bells for bribery and shady deals.

    You may think I am bitter because England lost the chance to host the 2018 world cup and you'd be right. We gave the world football and all we get in return is resentment at our pride in inventing football. I think we should do the same as Australia and ask for the money we spent on the bid back as we were never really in the running even if we did have the best bid.
  2. The whole of Fifa is corrupt anyway, it's like they're all Italian. I think it's a joke that we invented the fucking game but there's only one Englishman on the board. Makes me sick. Blatter is a walking joke anyway. I don't know anyone who thinks otherwise.
  3. FIFA have been very suspect for years. Blatter's predecessor Joao Havelange had lots pf criticism. They need major reform to be more transparent but they always weasel out of it.
  4. The question is; will they do anything about it? I say no as Blatter is a slimy one and will somehow itch is way out of it. Fifa needs a change and the Quatar world cup should be changed since they are not even a footballing country and also the heat is going to rape us English.
  5. Now the vice-president of FIFA has come out and said he would have voted for England to host the 2018 World Cup if we give the Falklands back to Argentina.

    How is this any different from taking money for a vote, what have the Falklands got to do with football?

    FIFA is corrupt to the core and needs completely overhauling, this idiot is angry at the English basically because we want to take care of the game we established so many years ago.

    So because the Argentinians were too weak to take the Falklands back from us they don't want us to have a say in the game we gave the World.