Final Fantasy VII - Remake

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  1. I don't reckon we will see this before 2017, they will have so much work to do on this as its quite a big game and I imagine they are throwing in voices. Look how long they take to build a main FF games these days and we know SE like to throw a lot of polish at these things.

    Of course they could have already been working on it for 2 years in which case we may see it mid 2016 but I am doubtful.
  2. I just realized Square has been trolling fans about this remake for 2 decades now...

    There is nothing concrete in that video to confirm a remake of the original game. It could just as easily be a remake of one of the prequels or parallel stories.... they have consistently hyped FF7-universe projects by dangling a remake.
  3. They best keep it like the tech demo and not anything like FFXIII style hallway roams.
  4. It has the basic FF7 logo (meteor) and they put the word 'remake' in the trailer. Midgar was pretty much destroyed by the end of FFVII (and completely abandoned in the final video after the credits) but it looked in good shape in this video. That leads me to believe this is the main story again.

    SE press conference is today so we may get more.
  5. Yeah, the condition of Midgar is why it can only be a prequel, parallel, or original story. Can't be a sequel or playable version of Advent Children like I initially though.
  6. It's a remake as you see Barret and Cloud walking together. There is already a prequel called Crisis Core.
  7. did I just leave the jurassic world thread to see the same argument here?
  8. FFVII Remake won't just be cosmetic. They best not ruin this.
  9. As long as they don't change the Sephiroth theme, I'll be happy. The Advent Children heavy metal upgrade was excellent.
  10. If it ain't midi, I ain't havin' it
  11. although my time with ff7 was pathetic, i did watch advent children so I definitely agree

  12. lol the Barret voice is dead on how I imaged it 20 years ago. Cloud's voice is OK... good job Square.

  13. I think it is the same voice actors for those two from Advent Children. Pretty epic trailer nonetheless but we may have a problem with something called episodic content:
  14. The latest in vaporware:

  15. I suspect this will be a ps5 game...
  16. More will be shown next week at E3, Hopefully more in-depth of the battle system along with how Materia and summons will work as well as hopefully a release date.
  17. I suspected this was going to be vaporware... but it actually released!

    The new One Winged Angel is crazy good. They even loop the original version in halfway thru!