Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD(PS3 and Vita)

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  1. At the TGS Square announced that they are doing Final Fantasy X in HD for the PS3 and Vita for Final Fantasy X's 10th anniversary. There is no more information at the moment regarding it but I assume it will come with trophys too.
  2. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Not sure how to feel about this. I assume by HD they just mean they have upscaled things a bit rather than redo the entire game. The only reason they won't do FFVII is that they say it would take too long and that would bring in far more cash than FFX.

    Some of the 'HD' versions of PS2 games I have seen haven't been too impressive so I will probably get this but only at a reasonable price, it does not warrant £40+.
  3. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Hopefully they will add a few new things in it but no clue what they could add.
  4. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Looks like the emulated version I got recently will be deleted after hearing this news :)
  5. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    I expect the rest of the world will get the Dark Aeons and we will get nothing as we had extra the first time around.
  6. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    That's because us Europeans are supposedly better at all the good games, just look at Metal Gear Solid's European Extreme difficulty.
  7. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    My only problem with the dark aeons was that it wasn't so much that you required any kind of skill to beat them, it was that the game expected you to spend 100s of hours grinding the omega ruins to be able to even land a hit on them before they killed you in a single hit.

    Although I felt a bit of reward from beating them I never felt the elation you get when you have killed a hard boss through skill.
  8. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    I suspected you Euros just liked FFX so much cuz it had a soccer clone... same reason DOAXBV has a special place in my heart <3 I grew up on volleyball. Didn't know you all had something extra too.
  9. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    I thought they added the dark aeons into the international versions or did that only get released in Japan? We had a dark version of all the Aeons (each with between 2million and 12 million HP) that would kill you in a single hit at the start of the battle if you didn't have 30,000+ HP and loads of speed!

    Then there was a final boss called penance if you killed all of them, he had stupid amounts of HP and took 30 odd minutes to kill and could also one shot your entire party.

    I think I got to the dark magus sisters and gave up trying. If i remember correctly I had to pay Yojimbo loads to get rid of Anima as she was a bitch.

  10. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    I used Yojimbo on all the Dark Aeons, Zanmato was my friend. The only Dark Aeon I couldn't defeat was Dark Yojimbo because you had to kill him 5 times and every time he attacked he would do 99,999 damage, usually to your whole party, and my party had fully completed the sphere grid! Come to think of it was also got our own grid, the expert grid, which gave you much more freedom but I think I read it had less nodes overall.

    I never knew the Dark Aeons were a bonus, I thought they were in all the versions.
  11. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Same, but because its a re-release they wont leave them out.

    Same, and if you save after killing him you would restart the 5 streak again which was annoying.

    Looking forward to the trophys as it will be a easy platinum.
  12. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Unless killing all the Dark Aeons is a trophy... which it almost certainly will be. Also it'll take a huge amount of time to get the platinum on this game.
  13. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    At least it's something to do. You love FFX anyway so you wont mind.
  14. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    This was one of the best Final Fantasy games, and games in general. It was one of the first audio enabled, cinema-gaming experiences. I never did finish FFX-2 though... I still would like an audio dialogue, HD version of FF7.
  15. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    Most of the world does, but others think it would ruin such a classic. Crisis Core and Advent Children were awesome so I think a remade version of VII with even better voice actors than X would be great.

    The only thing about this HD FFX is that Versus will probably take another backseat. Especially now FFXIII-2 is being made too.
  16. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    If they redo the textures (or have higher res ones already) it could look very nice.

    I still am not sure if I'd play it as the game style in FFX is pretty dated these days and requires way too much repetitive grinding. I guess I may get it to play through the story again and not worry about the dark Aeons or other crap.

    I'd rather they did XII although I will concede that it is in no way a classic... I just much preferred the battle/level/everything systems.
  17. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    It's not FFXII's 10th anniversary yet. :p
  18. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    They'd have to tone down Cid's language a tad though...

    I'd LOVE an HD version of FF12! Only because the low res was the most annoying thing about that game. Not that I'd want to go through that story again... I loved the battle system in 12, I just HATED fighting a pair of feet or an icon that said 'your bird is up here'. Stupid low res battle feilds got in the way about 70% of the time!
  19. Final Fantasy X HD(PS3 and Vita)

    What, you mean Al Bhed?

    I'm definitely going to be buying this since it's my favourite game of all time (until 11/11/11 that is), 9 years at the top of my list is a long time though. I don't get why everyone seems to hate Blitzball though, it's my second favourite FF mini game after Triple Triad from FFVIII. I must have gone through about 10 seasons in blitzball on my main save data. Buying this game will give me the chance to finally finish the game 100%

    There were only 4 things in that game that I never achieved.

    1. Kill all the Dark Aeons (only Dark Yojimbo remained)
    2. Get Wakka's overdrive "Aurochs Reels"
    3. Get Kimahri's overdrive "Nova".
    4. Kill Penance (Dark Yojimbo death required)

    Once I do those four tasks I can honestly say I've finished FFX 100%, 9 years after I started playing it.
  20. Some more details have been release but no release date, but that will probably be this year in Japan at least.

    The adding of FFX-2 HD was only brought to light this week but it makes it all the worth getting. The Vita versions, sadly, will be sold separately whereas the PS3 versions will be bundled together.


    Looking great. Excited much.