Final Fantasy XIII-2

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  1. Since it will most probably be multi-platform, it is best to keep this thread in here.

    Anyway, everyone by now knows that there will be a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, but other than the trailer there is not much information. None in fact.

    So, discussion away.
  2. Embedded or Flash Videos don't seem to be enabled so we can't do that around here, I like them myself but not sure what others think.

    After FFXIII being a bit disappointing I don't see myself rushing out to get the sequel.
  3. I never finished it when I played it, but I definitely will when I get my PS3 back. I hear it gets better after Bathelous or whatever he is called in the Airship.(First time fighting him)
  4. I was hoping that the hunts would help as I really enjoyed this side quest style in FFXII but to be honest, they were pretty rubbish.

    I remember defending the game at first on the old forum but when I look back I was probably being a little too generous with my praise and all round its a pretty linear/dull game with not much to do other than press x.
  5. Supposedly the main guy has stated not adding towns to FFXIII was a bad choice, so expect them in the next one. Hopefully the world map comes back and it won't be a linear.

    Another thing I think that needs to happen is the battle system should be changed. The one in FFXIII was okay, but I just did not feel it.
  6. Good to hear about the towns, that was one thing severely lacking from FFXIII that was awesome in XII. The other thing they need to bring back is proper bounty hunts!

    The battle system was repetitive but had it's merits. It was a good way of making use of specialist characters and honing strategies. Unfortunately that's all there was to most fights in the game, work out which combination of classes (or whatever they were) you needed for the fight you were in.
  7. I hate towns in RPGs, they always seem to involve those rubbish search miniquests in them and if they do, they're stupidly large.

    All I need from a town is an inn, a save point, and some shops.
  8. I disagree, big games need side quests to get you from the grind from time to time and this was somewhere that FFXIII was lacking. The hunt system on Pulse was very basic and no where near the standard of the one in FFXII.

    FFXIII was the first game in the series where it really felt like there was nothing to do other than the story. Since the PS1 era Final Fantasy games have had so much optional stuff that they can keep you occupied for a long time and at no point did you ever really get bored (other than blitzball maybe). With XIII you had to play the game for a good 10 hours before you even got to pulse and had the option of doing something on the side and when you could it turned out to be pretty dull.

    For me a JRPG needs things to do other than the main quest whether it be hunting for the ultimate weapons or doing short quests for great rewards. Towns are essential to making a game feel bigger and to give a game more of purpose.

  9. I couldn't agree more. I loved getting the ultimate weapons in FFVIII and X. They really were ultimate and definitely worth getting. There simply wasn't enough to do in XIII but that was because the storyline didn't allow for it. Stopping in towns to sleep and stock up on items wouldn't have made sense while you're public enemy number 1. I'm expecting XIII-2 to be like XIII, but with all the little things that fans complained were missing to be included this time. Should be good.
  10. Having access to side quests, extra things to do to boost up your stats, Gil, moves whatever along with the main story of a game is always great. It gives you a needed break from levelling up fighting monsters and the story too. This is why all the Final Fantasy's and many other Rpgs have been great.
  11. There are some developer walkthroughs available.. (Part 1) (Part 2)

    It seems the story is something about a paradox that makes people believe Lightning is dead or doesn't exist.

    I didn't really like the ATB/paradigm system from the first game and its made a comeback. For the first time ever this might be a FF game that I don't pick up at launch.
  12. Yep. Same battle system and so far it looks like the corridors are back. That said, I never finished FFXIII when I had it on the PS3.
  13. Wasn't Final Fantasy 13 supposed to have been really awful? Why bother with a sequel?
  14. It was awful because the battle system was easy and lame, and it was 99% linear until the giant field at the end. The level up system is lame too and is a cheap knock off, off FFX's. I still need to finish it though one day.

    A sequel I don't know. most probably because everyone was moaning about there being no towns etc and because there was a second planet that you did not really get to see, so they could milk that I guess.
  15. Square knocked off their own level system?! The outrage! I found the level system pretty good, you didn't get to choose the direction you went as much as FFX, but you weren't locked into taking that direction once choosing it and could decide which speciality you levelled up in more thus creating specialists.

    The battle system did suck though, so I don't think I'll bother with FFXIII-2. Didn't bother with X-2 either... Hopefully FFXV is as good as FFXII was.
  16. I'm always glad to see some appreciated FF XII's greatness. I didn't get why so many hated it. I thought VI and XII were the best of the series.
  17. Indeed, but it was a boring one dimensional system unlike the epic one that X has.
  18. New trailer. This actually looks like it is going to be great!
  19. I tried watching that video but it asked me for my date of birth but then wouldn't let me put the info in, so here's an alternative.

    If their brands are gone that mean they're not l'cie anymore right? If so how can they perform magic? Also I've never been a fan of moogles, they just seem like a stupid gimmick, I'll get this game because I loved the story of XIII and want to know the second chapter but I'm not sure what to expect from this game.
  20. There is a first 19 minute gameplay video from the Japanese 360 version if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

    Not sure if I will even be bothering with this game straight away, might let it drop in price a bit.