Final Fantasy XIII: Versus

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Most of you know this game by now, so it needs a thread on it.


    This game is going to great, maybe what Final Fantasy XIII should have been.
  2. Oh dear. That battle system looks way too much like FFXII for my liking. I doubt the story will match XIII's either, it had better have some awesome gameplay.
  3. I don't mind the new battle system, it does mean I can't go off to make a cup of tea between commands but it speeds things up a lot, which I like.
  4. And what was wrong with Final Fantasy XII's battle system? It was real time melded in with turn based. A potent combination. Versus is a spin off from the main series, so it won't be like the main series if you get my drift.
  5. FFXII had a fantastic battle system and is for me the best FF game since the PS1 era, I would very much approve of its system coming back.
  6. I was actually one of the people who were sceptical of Final Fantasy XII before it was released. Only because of the battle system, but after getting the game I enjoyed it. I still have yet to complete the game. Pissed me off when I got the end boss Vayne down to 5% and all of my characters ran out of MP so we could not get his HP down before we died.
  7. You were doing something very wrong or you didn't put enough time in. If you get everyone powered up enough they regain MP for doing everything from taking a hit to actually casting spells.

    The only thing that gave me trouble on FFXII were the last couple of espers and a few of the hunts if I tried to take them on too early.
  8. I actually tried rushing through the game as I had other games to finish. I was only around level 50 so it was probably too low to go there and I never did the last half of the hunts or side quests such as Gilgamesh and a few Espers. I did start again a while back, but had to give the PS2 back to my brother.