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  1. Out of college I invested pretty heavily in the long-term. I figured it is time to explore short term returns. I wanna be jet setting to Dubai with Instagram models before my 50's.

    So far I partnered with a money losing eBay store.
    Partner in a blog/YT channel. Given my experience with this site, I'll lose money on this as well.
    Bought action for WSOP, which basically means I outsourced gambling to a 3rd party ;D

    Most everyone here seem to be in some professional field. Got any ideas or tips?
  2. I've not really ever invested but I own my own home and have paid a good chunk of it off. Values risen a fair bit so that's good too.

    Got a share thing that matures in 7 years; was meant to be circa $40,000 dollars but is more likely to be $20,000. Quite how the stocks have performed so badly is beyond me, been putting money in for a long time.
  3. Write a self-help book with a catchy title about how to retire at 50. Make some infomercials for it with Instagram models in Dubai. Watch the money come rolling in...
  4. Donate plasma and get $200 - $300 a month.
  5. Not sure if you were joking, but that book idea might work well with the blog. I will seriously look into it.

    My friend will be the face of it, and has lofty expectations. But I've become skeptical about how much traffic he will really get. Even YT'er don't get many views unless something goes viral. But if that happens riches are just a few clicks away!
  6. From what I've heard the blog stuff can take many months or years to pay out if it ever does.

    On a somewhat unrelated finance topic. Last month I ordered a product online. When the product arrived I refused delivery so that I could get a refund without paying for shipping. The refund never came so I called the company and they said they would activate the refund. So I'm waiting for it to happen and I don't see it come through but then I looked for the original transaction on my credit card and it seems to be gone. Is that weird? Usually if I buy something and return it I see both the negative and positive amounts on the card. For this it's like it never happened.
  7. If your friend is the face of it, then that means you're not going to get to twerk with Jen Selter in the Dubai infomercial.