Free Playstation Games - have until Sunday to claim

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by monsly, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. As part of the 20th Playstation Anniversary, EA have made these 3 games free for 24 hours:

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PS Vita
    Mirror's Edge for PS3
    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for PS4

    Pretty generous I'd say, nearly got PvZ last week.
  2. Fantastic, more games that I'll never play!
  3. How have you not played Mirror's Edge yet? It's one of the most unique games of last gen and takes all of 6 hours to finish.
  4. My ps3 backlog is somewhere in the thweens
  5. I already have the one game there that I'd want to play.
  6. What one is that, eh? I BET IT'S THE WORST ONE.
  7. Mirror's Edge. Had it on 360 and got it on PS3.

    Anyone downloaded Transistor yet? I ignored it at first because I didn't much care for Bastion but I saw a friend playing Transistor on Saturday and it looked... different. It's dripping with style and the music is pretty funky too. Worth a look because it's free.