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  1. Ok, this thread is for all the funny Videos you find. I will start by adding the best of 'Ventrillo Harassment' videos. I'll guarantee you won't stop laughing. Start watching them in order:

    World Of Warcraft Nerd Collection:

    Duke Nukem:

    Ren & Stimpy (Happy Happy Joy Joy)

    Lindsay Bomb:

    Gay Bar:

    Blue Oyster Cult - MORE COWBELL!

    Jurassic Park:

  2. These are so annoying. I want to stab the dood's face off.
  3. Pretty much the best thing on youtube

    Once again I'll have this song in my head for weeks. It's worth it!
  4. Oh man, one of the funniest parodies of Sarah Palin that I've, a classic Apocalypse Now reference at the end: "Every minute I stay here, I get weaker. Every minute that Katie Couric squats in the bush, she gets stronger."
  5. He is fast

  6. I don't know if this was ever posted in the old PVCF1 thread, but it deserves to be posted again even if it was. Brilliantly conceived and executed...'160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes'.

  7. Funny and serious at the same time...

  8. For our WoW fans :D
  9. This one fits the Wii vs 360 discussions atleast:p

  10. Hah! That was hilarious!!
  11. Haha lol, this one's awesome. Fits this forum :D

  12. Australian Newsreader has the hiccups and acts like she doesn't. Lolz.

  13. This baby has serious mood swings. Happy to terrified and back again in no time.

  14. People like this are the reason I only turn use my mic when I'm playing with my mates.

  15. This one's for you monkyo!

  16. All that dancing skill... and for what?

  17. You think you've seen insane? This guy is either on the worlds strongest drugs or he's the craziest guy you've ever seen.

    You've watched it. You can't UNwatch it.
  18. His eyes are not glazed or big so I don't think he is on drugs. He is just a retard.