Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I've been watching a lot of videos from GUNNS4HIRE on youtube over the past couple of years and he and his buddies keep talking about G2PO.com

    I think they're running it although I could be wrong, either way it's basically youtube but just for gaming. There's also forums and facebook/twitter integration. There's an open beta that went live today if you guys want to check it out. I just signed up and I'll check it out properly tomorrow.

    At the very least it would be somewhere for us to hang out if (God forbid) this place goes down the pan.
  2. Those gunns geeks are just WAY too opinionated for me. Not too say you'll ever find a wholly biased site (gametrailers BEFORE they filled the place up with ads for instance), heck even this site has monkey and his always asinine opinions. Just I don't think I'm ready for another one lol.

    The fact that your British perhaps makes you immune xD.
  3. Isn't this that guy who whinges a lot? I shan't give him MY web time ever again.
  4. You do realise you don't have to watch any of his videos. You cant watch videos from other people of just chat on the forums.
  5. I'm not giving him my web traffic. That shit's worth about 3p a day.