Galaxy Note 4 - BestBuy $100/AR

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Holy shit this is like the slickest of all slick deals...

    Bestbuy will take ANY smartphone ($0 value Blackberry!) and give you $200 towards a $300 Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Must pre-order in store by 10/16.

    I know Khaid knew about this. That son of a bitch is probably hoarding a bunch instead of letting anyone know. I just hope BB can still honor this so late in the game, been reading some stores reached max pre-orders.
  2. I actually did not know. ;)

    But that's mostly because I'm skipping this generation of Notes. Everybody should take advantage of this though since the Notes are some of the best smartphones out there.
  3. Link? I'm seeing that they give you a $200 BB gift card after you buy the $300 phone on contract. So the $200 isn't a rebate and it doesn't go towards the price of the phone.

    I added their contract to the cart and it was $70 a month for 1GB data. Sound about right? I think I'm paying about $45 for 1GB and no contract.
  4. I'll give you the cliffs notes:

    2. You have to have an eligible upgrade with one of the major carriers.
    3. Pre-order in store. Bring a shitty phone.
    4. Pay $50 pre-order fee, and have them "OK" your shitty phone.
    5. Wait for phone arrival email.
    6. Go back to BestBuy. Process trade-in first for $200 GC.
    7. Apply GC towards phone purchase on 2-yr contract only.