Gears of War Judgment

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  1. Despite the wrongly spelled name I'm super looking forward to this game. It's basically a hold over game for the fans while we wait for the next gen Gears game. Because I pre-ordered the game at game I was sent an email with a code to download an early access demo that went live this morning. It's just the new overrun mode on one map but the xp I earn will carry over the full game, which is nice. Also because I pre-ordered it from game and not amazon I get a young Marcus Fenix mp skin, which is awesome because Marcus is my boy, I'm always Marcus in Gears of War.

    I've been playing the demo for a while and I recorded it so I'll be uploading the vid once it's rendered, which will probably take around 7 hours since it's 90 minutes long. The game comes out on Friday the 22nd here in the UK so I'll be playing the crap out of that for the foreseeable future. I'll also (rather randomly) be getting a code to download the original Gears of War game so I guess I'll have to re-buy Gears 2 so I can have the complete set as well as the Gears of War limited edition Xbox. Might be worth something in the future.

    I think I know the answer but is anyone else going to be getting this?

    Campaign Trailer:

    Multiplayer Trailer:

  2. Did we really need another sequel to Gears of War? I didn't even think the original was all that good.
  3. I have no plans to pay for a LIVE Gold subscription. The only time I did in the past tended to be to play Gears games in co-op, but I'm tired of blowing money on a service that should be free, especially considering I still would have to put up with advertisements.

    I'll consider buying the game, but I'm not going to pay full price.
  4. It may not be as big as cod or halo but it's still got a reasonable following. There are those of us who love it. One of the reasons I got into Xbox to be honest. I love gory games (I always preferred mortal kombat to street fighter as a kid) and gears of war is about as gory as it gets. I will NEVER tire of chain sawing people into a pile of shredded giblets.
  5. I seem to remember you saying it was really good or at least one of the best looking games you'd ever seen.
  6. It was one of the best looking games at the time of its release. As a game, it wasn't that great. I hated the clunky movement, and I wasn't a big fan of any of the weapons.
  7. You hated the clunky movement but liked the movement in mass effect? How odd. I went back to the original after playing the second game and i agree the controls definitely weren't very fluid. The controls really did improve from the second game and further still with gow3.
  8. I never said I liked the movement in Mass Effect. It was also clunky and one of the weakest aspects of those games. But Mass Effect had so much else going on, I wasn't that bothered by it in the scheme of things. Gears on the other hand is a straight up dudebro shooter, where the crappy movement really stands out.
  9. I'm literally angry with rage right now.

    I love Gears of War. Easily the best part about it in my opinion is Horde mode. It's the mode me and my mate spent the most time playing in Gears 2 and Gears 3. Now all of a sudden they've removed for some unknown reason.

    And to add insult to injury the game is shipping with only 4 COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER MAPS!!!!!! Gears 3 shipped with 10 for fuck's sake. I have been looking forward to this game for so damn long and now my dreams have been dashed against the rocks of bitterness. Sure I'll still play the campaign and a bit of overrun mode and miltuplayer but the main draw is gone.

    I know for a fact that if I hadn't pre-ordered this game weeks ago I sure as heel wouldn't be buying it now.

    Way to royally fuck things up People Can Fly.

    Oh yeah. Did I forget to mention that Epic Games are still going to charge £40 for this half game? Well that's what they're doing.
  10. Then why don't you wait until no one buys it and it costs dirt cheap. Lack of maps means plenty of buy-able ones in the future.
  11. He's a dudebro. Dudebros always pay full price and preorder their games at brick and mortar places like Gamestop.
  12. That is lame. I have had some cracking prices for new games after waiting a while longer for the price to drop. Some games I will buy full price though to keep the developer going or because I really want that game. MH3U out this Friday will be bought at full price, but I am using some old 3DS games I won't play for part-ex towards it.
  13. Because I'm an idiot I guess. Plus the co I've earned from the demo carries over to the full game, plus I want to make videos of it. Plus it's Gears of War, one does not simply wait for the price to drop, one buys that shit because although there are things I dislike such as a lack of horde mode it's still a good game.
  14. I don't steal my games or think that nothing is worth more than $10 like some people.
  15. So because I think most games are massively overpriced and I actually have standards, I'm the bad guy in all of this?

  16. Atari VCS games, which often were developed by only a few people in a very short period of time, typically cost about $20 - $25 at retail back in the early 1980s. Adjusted for inflation, that's roughly $46 - $58 in 2012 dollars. Contemporary games aren't overpriced. They have huge development teams, long production schedules, and far more production value relative to home console games of the VCS era.
  17. It depends on how you play the games. If you just rush through them then yeah they're going to seem like a ripoff. If you take your time and enjoy everything the game has to offer and end up spending hundreds of hours playing it I'd say the £40 was more than justified. I think Skyrim for £40 is a good deal since that £40 has bought me at least 300 hours of entertainment. Compare that to a film that you might watch once or twice and yeah, I'd say some (though certainly not all) games are worth the asking price.
  18. 300 hours on Skyrim? You really need to find a girlfriend and get laid dude. That's just sad.
  19. 300 hours? Ain't nobody got time for that. Literally. I could care less.