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    My dad has been doing some ancestry stuff lately. He can trace one part of our family back to Rollo. That made me curious about this show. Turns out Rollo is a villainous douchebag on this show who enjoys raping girls.
  2. Interesting.... I've always wondered if those ancestry sites give you bad results. Telling customers they descend from serial killers or rapists seems like a bad business model.
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    He had originally done some DNA testing and the results were...not exactly what we were expecting. Heavily Scandinavian. Which led to him doing further research.
  4. Bloody migrant!
  5. DNA tests are sketchy business. I didn't realize it until I had to experience the process with a genetics expert. While there are some laws that protect you from DNS discrimination there are still plenty of ways you aren't protected. Even the laws that protect you now could disappear in the future while your DNA results are forever. Your DNA record could also be used to discriminate against your children.
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  7. Here is a story of a 36 year old woman who was denied life insurance because she had the BRCA 1 gene which means she has a higher than average chance of getting cancer. She doesn't have cancer. Just a higher chance of getting it. It's perfectly legal for them to do that. You can also be denied long term car and disability insurance. Her children who might not even be born yet will also have a higher risk of getting cancer. People get tested because the knowledge could save a life but it can also screw them over.
  8. Humanity.
  9. your first post seemed kinda random. But I'd believe it. Their job is to literally peg the dollar value of a person based on every possible data point they can get a hold of.

    On the flip side. I know a bald guy that got free hair transplant surgery because he might have predisposed to skin cancer lol.
  10. Did they pull it from his butt? Seems like that would be cheapest.
  11. The thread got really weird really fast. Went from talking about Viking DNA to hair transplants.
  12. lol i think i botched the spinoff thread... EDIT: FIXED... kinda

    So apparently, this was a thing:

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    My dad has been doing more research and it seems like we're descended from some people who could best be described as villainous douchebags, at least in how Hollywood portrays them. We're directly descended from Edward the Longshanks (main villain from Braveheart) and his effiminate bisexual son (the one who has his gay lover thrown out of a window in the movie). Also directly descended from Prince/King John (villain from Robin Hood who steals his brother's throne and sends the Sheriff after Robin Hood). And we already talked about Rollo, the treacherous/traitorous brother character on Vikings.

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    Did more geneological research related to Vikings. In addition to Rollo, I'm also directly descended from:

    Bjorn Ironside
    Ragnar Lodbrok
    Queen Aslaug (Bjorn's mother in real life)
    Ivar is listed as an uncle (I don't think he had children)
    King Harald Finehair of Norway

    Most of these people are related both on the show and in real life.
  15. So... you're genetically predisposed to carry hate in your heart.
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  16. How do you know?
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    Geni. In real life, Bjorn's mother was Aslaug, not Lagertha. Bjorn and Ivar were brothers, not half brothers. I'm related to Aslaug but not Lagertha.
  18. I've always wondered how are they able to chase this stuff down. Crazy there are records going back that far. Which software is this?
  19. Geni. If you can tie your tree into nobility you are in business. Most European nobility kept impeccable records that go back really far.
  20. Do you have to pay for it? Sounds a bit suspicious to me. Like a nerdier and more pseudo- scientific version of a psychic telling you are related to King Arthur. No one is ever related to a peasant when you pay.