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  1. Beat my score! 12607. I actually got 4 of them in under 800 miles. One of them I totally blew and got the wrong continent.

    No google! No cheating!

    Post your own and I'll see if I can beat it.
  2. I was able to squeeze past your score with some clutch guesswork on #4 and #5.

  3. You're both cheaters. One was obviously China, the other obviously SW USA. Everything else was just a freakin road in the middle of nowhere.

    I got like 5500.
  4. You bastard! I totally blew it on the Austrailia one. I didn't realize they drove on the left side. Argentina is the one I got lucky on. I knew it was South America somewhere.

    It's all in the details. The signs will give away a lot by their language and measurements. Then you have the vegetation, mountains and water.
  5. I got Australia because of the reddish dirt patch + type of vegetation (and the fact that if you're going to guess Australia, guess along the coastline). I think it was #2 or #3 that I was wildly incorrect on...came close to zero points while bfun scored around 2200.

    I should also probably credit my obscure film snobbery for Australia as well. Peter Weir FTW!
  6. 6056

    I was totally off on some of them. There was one in Finland that I thought was in New Hampshire or Vermont. Which probably sounds nuts, but those states have areas that look exactly like Scandanavia.
  7. If you look long enough you come across a metric sign or some kind of Nordic street name. I think I almost picked Iceland for that one.
  8. 17819

    I drove until I saw writing. I was close on all 5.

    Here's another one. Beat 15461.
  9. 20632. Took me about 20 minutes.

    I found major signs in the first two.
    The camera sucked in the third one but the vegetation looked real familiar.
    I could only narrow the 4th one down to a 3rd of a continent. Whats odd is my random guess was right next to yours.
    The 5th one had a building with it's exact location on it. Still couldn't pin point it on the map but got close.
  10. I thought the rocky mountains would be rockier... that John Denver's full of shit man. Would've beat TheSteve's quiz, but only got ~13000. I talked myself out of the right answer on two of them.
  11. 15364 on the Chairman's challenge. I blame the sheer size of Africa for losing me points.
  12. There was no desert, jungle, or ebola, so you know it has to be South Africa.
  13. Jungle = South America or Southeast Asia

    Grassy Plains = Africa
  14. Disney would disagree with you.

  15. I racially profiled my way to victory! At first I thought it was AUS/NZ because the signs were white people sounding locales of Dundee and Greytown. But then I saw many African Non-Americans, which meant it was none other than South Africa. Interestingly enough, all 3 of us pretty much picked the exact same location in S. Africa.