Good online store to buy shoes

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Whats a good online store to buy shoes from? I'm tired of going into a real store and not finding any shoes in my size.
  2. I think is the big one.
  3. That will work. Free shipping both ways.

    How do these look?

  4. I like the look of the second pair better. I haven't always had the best luck with Sketchers though. They tend to look great, but be horribly uncomfortable.
  5. I've always found them very comfortable but they don't seem to last more than a year. I can usually get 2 years out of Nike or Keens.
  6. The longest lasting shoes I've worn are Timberlands. Those things are indestructible.
  7. I'm looking for a similar site locally (Australia) as shops don't seem to have much of a selection in the styles I want.

    Not ready to buy new shoes just yet, but I'll keep looking. I doubt I'll find anything that extensive though, looks like a good site.
  8. If you want to buy Nike, just get them from;

    They do some pretty decent promos for their non-awesome lines.
  9. Pretty goods are Zappos and