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  1. Dropbox is going to have to drop their prices and offer more free space to stay competitive. Dropbox currently has 2GB for free, 50GB for $10/month, and 100GB for $20/month.
  2. Is it only live in the US at the moment, it told me I can't use it yet but it is apparently going to email me when I can.
  3. Yeah, I've got the same notification page.
  4. Re: Re: Google Drive

    i initially got the same notification, but got invited only an hour or 2 later. although, I can't tell you if it's US only or not.
  5. Microsoft SkyDrive is 25GB for free. I can't believe Google hasn't usurped them.
  6. It won't be 25GB for long. MS is going to shrink it to 7GB, unless you opt in for the 25GB.
  7. Still no invite, me thinks they are probably focusing on the US at the moment.
  8. My Google drive is now active.

    Edit: installed windows app, its like having a mapped drive which is very nice.

    Android app works well too.
  9. Does it feel weird having Google’s big fingers in your data?
  10. At the moment it is just a blurred pictured of me in the crowd at a Bill Bailey gig that I caught on my phone camera from the DVD. As a result I am not that bothered.

    I will probably just use it to move the odd file between computers more than as real storage or backup.
  11. Haha the only thing i used cloud storage for was to change the wallpaper on my iPhone. It was the easiest way to avoid itunes.