Google finally announces Chromebook plans

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, May 12, 2011.

  1. At the consumer level, the pricing is not that impressive.. at all. Samsung is launching a model with a dual core atom and boasts 8.5hr battery life at $429. Acer is launching a lower end model at $349.

    Their subscription service for education and businesses is a little more interesting. $20 a month for education user and $28 a month for enterprise users with 36 month contracts.

    TLDR you'll probably never even consider a chromebook
  2. The netbook trend is on its way out. Google is a few years too late with this.
  3. Google unveiled their ideal device for a Chromebook. You can think of this as their Nexus device for their Chromebook program. Made by Samsung, and sporting the first cortex A15 ARM soc (Exynos 5250 dual core 1.7GHz) so no fans, priced at $249. It launched on the Google Play Store yesterday and sold out within a few hours.
  4. Does Chrome OS not suck ass anymore?
  5. Depends on what you're looking for. If all you're looking for is a web browsing device, this is perfectly fine. It's actually an ideal browser since it full supports flash, full webpages, and all Chrome extensions. In short, it's a better browsing experience than using an ios or android device. I use Chrome for Android, and there's no comparison if you put it up against this.

    I use Google Talk alot and mainly use the Google Chat extension in Chrome. If I'm using Android and I'm browsing the web, I have to flip between apps to do such a task. Not exactly ideal. In ChromeOS, it's right there on my screen already.

    Also, most apps people use on Android are already available via their webpage. Stream music? Google Music, Pandora, etc all have their own webpages. Notes? Evernote and plenty of other popular ones are available on the Chrome Web Store. And on and on and on.

    I think alot of people forget how much they can do on a regular browser compared to what they can do on a mobile os. Hell, I even reply to sms in chrome (google voice).

    Google did update it awhile ago with a new interface called Aura. It's basically a desktop mode, which is somewhat pointless considering there's tabs in Chrome, but I guess it all depends on how you use Chrome. There's windows management in it now including a quick launch bar at the bottom. I assume Google will be adding more features to it later on considering how much it has changed since I got my CR48.
  6. Google is selling Chromebooks to teachers for $99.
  7. I was interested until I saw it was for series 5 samsung chromebook. bleeeh. would be more interested if it was the new exynos 5 model.