Google finally updates Android Market for security on purchases

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I find it funny how most of my topics have "finally" in the title.. well it's true.

    My favorite feature with Apple's app store was that it required you to enter your password everytime you went to purchase something. On the Android market, you just hit purchase and confirm the method of payment and that's it. Anyone who is using your phone can purchase things without your consent.

    Now the new market requires you to input a PIN. Also includes other small feature updates not worth mentioning (such as +1 similar to facebook "like")

    Now for Amazon App Store to do something similar.
  2. I tried to buy one item from Amazon and it was a pain in the ass. Perhaps that is all the security needed.
  3. Once you set up one click purchases on amazon, that's literally all you need to do. You click purchase and it's purchased. Faster than purchasing something on Android Market if that's even possible. There's not even a way to log off the Amazon App store app unfortunately either. You have to log on the website and disassociate your device.
  4. It gets even better over heres as you can purchase stuffs on the Android market and have it billed to your Vodafone account so you don't have to enter your card details onto the Android market.

    To be honest the market has never felt very secure to me and that's part of the reason I have never paid for anything. Seeing as I am on Vodafone I may now give this a try.,news-36242.html
  5. Ya, we had that for a while now. Tmobile USA had carrier billing for android market since late 2009, ATT got it late 2010, and Sprint got it in April. I think Verizon is only big US carrier without carrier billing on android market.
  6. Check out android market, its completely changed.