Google Music Beta

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, May 10, 2011.

  1. So after forever.. Google Music Beta takes form today.

    You can request an invite now.
  2. Cool. Just like Amazon. Wonder what the free space limit is.
  3. I just skimmed through a blurb that it supports 20,000 songs. Not a space limit (better for quality). Not sure if this will be the case though.
  4. Ya it's 20,000 song limit rather than storage space while it's in beta. The new music player is in the market too.
  5. 20,000 songs is amazing. I wonder if it compresses them during streaming.
  6. Imagine if your whole music collection is uncompressed symphony stuff. 45+ min per track. Poor google.

    Engadget updated with a chart comparing it to other streaming services.
  7. yayyyy, finally got my invite today. good thing too, since att hasn't placed a cap on my uverse account yet.
  8. Got mine as well.
  9. Geesh. It's taking forever to upload. Says I have have 3000 songs so I'm guessing thats the limit.
  10. Still haven't gotten mine. I didn't get a cr-48 either. I guess Google doesn't think I'm special.
  11. The uploader blows. I tried to stop it earlier and it wouldn't stop. Had to reboot. Now I'm trying to start it and it wont start.
  12. No, 20,000 is the limit. There's been people uploading 14,000 to 16,000 that I've seen so far. You can control your upload speed... it's not slow if it seems slow to you. It's only going as fast as your upload speed is taking it. It took about a day for my 1,400 songs to upload.
  13. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it. I think the app was made by chinese people.
  14. I have a lot of lossless so it's taking a while.
  15. If they're FLAC, google transcodes it back to mp3 anyways. The sucks.
  16. I finally got an invite. I uploaded around 1500 songs overnight. This is really cool. I love having access to my music collection from anywhere.

    I also got invited to the beta of Texty, which allows you to send and receive text messages through the Chrome browser.

    Who knows. Maybe Google will show me some more love and send me a cr-48 prototype. I've heard they're doing a few last shipments of those.
  17. I've been using texy (texter) for the last 2 weeks. Pretty damn awesome. I use chrome across three systems and the fact that chrome syncs the extensions across all of my automatically makes my life so much easier.

    I also found sms backup+ as another must-have app for myself. It backups all of your sms' and call log (optional) to your gmail account and you can restore as needed. I normally don't care about backing up that stuff but the fact that swiftkey can learn from my sms made this a must have for me since I occasionally wipe when I move to another rom.
  18. Texty is pretty nice. A lot of my friends have gotten antisocial lately and mostly communicate through text messages. And it's much easier to type on a real keyboard from a computer.
  19. It officially launched from beta today. No more invites needed.

    You can buy licensed music and share it to friends on google plus. They can listen to the whole song rather than preview it for x amount of seconds. I think the catch is that they can only preview it once? I didn't really read into all this stuff. I only cared that the service was still free. :) New music app should be updated on the market soon, if not already.