Grand Theft Auto V

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  1. It's finally been announced! Thank god. Although they were awesome we had to wait through Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and soon Max Payne 3 we're finally getting the game we want Rockstar to make.
  2. Any idea what that special V for 5 could symbolize in the picture?

    About time too, but I just hope they do something new, but add what we loved from San Andreas. Also, driving needs to get better.

    Shame there is no info yet, but I think there will be a trailer next Wednesday.
  3. Not that this reveals much of anything for the series, but the banner and graphics inside of the V are from U.S. currency.
  4. I thought it looks pretty gay but notyhing could be gayer than 4, I mean it even admits its gay.
  5. [​IMG]

    I've been a massive fan since the very beginning in 1997 and I'm super excited for this game. The game I've been wanting the most for the last 2 years has been Skyrim, now that's almost here GTA V will be the new game to look forward to for me. Can't wait.

    The writer of the article linked to in the OP obviously meant Vinewood, not Vineland, a clear parody of Hollywood last seen in GTA San Andreas, you had to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his "home in the hills". I was hoping for a whole state rather than just another city but I fucking love GTA so I'm far from complaining, can't see planes being in it though (again).
  6. More America huh. Something "new" would have been good.
  7. The term 'grand theft auto' in itself is an American term, when was the last time you watched Road Wars or Motorway Cops and heard them use the term eh?
  8. Never, but it's about time we had it somewhere else. GTA: London is the only one away from America.
  9. Yeah, and GTA London was a total piece of shit. Not only is it the only GTA game I don't love it's also the only GTA game I hate, it was that bad. I'm not sure I take to the idea of GTA being based outside of the US (although for some reason I didn't think I'd take to the idea of playing as a black guy in the hood but SA turned out to be one of my most favourite games), I heard ages ago it might be set in Beijing or Columbia, different sort of crime worlds over there I guess, I'm hoping they didn't change anything major.
  10. So you would have them release the same game over and over again with minor changes and still pay £40+ for it?
  11. Well I wouldn't say they made many major changes between GTA III and Vice City, VC was the way a sequel should be, more of the same, but bigger and better. San Andreas took this even further. No major changes, just more of the same only bigger and better. I'm hoping GTA V will follow in the same vein.
  12. I think they really need to work on the core mechanics of the game. I gave GTIV's The Lost and the Damned a try for the first time earlier and it just seems so clunky and rough. IV felt rather unrefined when it was released; it feels almost archaic now.
  13. Hush your lips! GTA IV is amazing and I'll not have you speak Ill of it.

    Anyway I just heard two rumours, just remember that rumours mean nothing but it's food for thought.

    1. Going to be set in "L.A.", that'll be Los Santos from San Andreas then.

    2. You'll play as multiple characters throughout the story.

    Just rumours.
  14. I think monsly is kind of suggesting that it needs to be refreshed. Kind of like how modern warfare needs to be done. That game feels pretty archaic now too.
  15. This. The core shooting/driving/walking mechanics in GTA IV are absolutely dreadful. They're just so clunky. I tried to go back and play it again recently and found it basically unplayable. They were pretty bad even when it was released three years ago. This was also why I never made it all the way through Grand Theft Horse (aka RDR) which is based on the same engine. The core gameplay mechanics were just so bad.

    Also I can practically guarantee you GTA V will be set in Las Vegas.
  16. I played the console version and I don't recall having any major complaints about the controls. They can always be improved, but in the end Rockstar's focus isn't really to try and be the best combat game or the best driving game.
  17. I know it's not going to happen but I want GTA V to look like this (minus the silly aperture effect):

    Stupid console limitations!
  18. Or this Superbowl commercial from like 2002

    Stupid console limitations!
  19. The combat just feels tired for a start. It's awkward and simple. Shooting whilst on a bike highlights this particularly; the controls are so awkward it just takes me out of the game everytime.

    Some control conventions are plain weird - using X to run? Why? We've got analogue controls now, use them.

    The mission structures? Beyond shit in some cases. Last night I killed some bikers in a chase. Racing after them was OK, the main difficulty being the controls. The thing that bugged me was after the mission I had a long drive across the map just to get a cutscene and a mission complete screen. Why do that? I spent longer doing that boring drive than the mission. It just feels like lazy padding.

    I really like the GTA games but they need to be re-invigorated. I hope GTA V does that; a bigger place with more stuff to do is OK but I'd rather have a smaller and more playable experience. Quality over quantity. Who knows, maybe we'll get both.
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