Grim Fandango Remastered - Jan 27th

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Grim Fandango Remastered is coming to PSN and PC on January 27th. Looks like the pre-order price is $15. I assume grim will be getting this since he is the original one grim reaper. I haven't seen any previews yet so I'm not sure how much was done to get it labeled "remastered".

    I also noticed a few other Lucast Arts games got released in their original form. X-Wing Aliance and X-Wing vs TieFighter are available.
  2. From what I have seen it doesn't look much different but this is arguably one of the greatest adventure games of all time so I am all over it.

    For anyone who hasn't played it and does be prepared as the puzzles are pretty hard. Try not to use a guide if you get stuck!
  3. I remember being very interested in this game when it was originally released, but can't recall why I never actually played it. I have a vague memory of it having surprisingly high system requirements for the time.
  4. It was around the time that 3D cards were taking off in PCs (3dfx VooDoo etc) and most PCs probably still had basic Matrox GPUs.
  5. I'll get this at some point but maybe not right away. A couple of years ago I went searching for a used copy on ebay and they were redunckulously priced. I've also read that it's a hard game so I'd probably cheat with a guide.
  6. Yeah, I think that was it: I had a Compaq with the original 3dfx Voodoo and really needed the Voodoo 2.
  7. Grim fandango worked well in software mode, if I recall. Didn't actually see it in hardware mode for about 4 months
  8. I never heard of this before, but spent quite a bit of time watching Youtube videos on it. If my PC is ready, I will probably grab this for a playthru.
  9. Changes do seem minor but I think they are enough to make the game look acceptable on modern higher resolution monitors. Here you can see AA has been added and the textures improved just a little.


    Here they have added a few more polygons. Remember when cards were rated by the number of polygons they could do?



    Anyone remember drooling over one of these?


    Since I'm going down memory lane has anyone ever heard this before? I ordered this tape and listened to it many times thinking it was an amazing time to be alive.
  10. A friend of mine had a pair of Voodoo 2s in SLI, what was really odd was because they were PCI you have to have an AGP card to connect the monitor to. He had a Maxtrox G100 in the AGP slot if memory serves. When you ran the game you selected the Voodoos to do the 3D and if it was an option you picked Glide rather than DirectX/Direct3D.

    Cost him a fortune in a slot based Pentium 2 system.