Guardian Heroes HD

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by monsly, May 5, 2011.

  1. Well, this is rather good news:

    The orginal was an awesome game indeed so this could be very, very good. 12 players though? How will that work? The original supported up to 6 player battles in the arena and I just can't see how 12 would work under the same system. This'll be a day one purchase for me - anyone else frothing at the mouth hole over this one?
  2. Beat-em-up's aren't my style but the 12 player thing does sound awefully interesting. As you said, I wonder how they'd manage to incorperate it.
  3. This is released this week - apparently they've done a great job with it from previews. I'll post up some reviews when I find them. I'm getting it REGARDLESS.
  4. That'll make two of us then. I love anything made by Treasure.
  5. Same here. Loved Gunstar Heroes in particular.