Halo Franchise Comes to Steam

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    Microsoft is bringing the Master Chief Collection and Reach to Steam. We will still be missing #5 on PC, which I heard wasn't very good. I would think if this sells it will come to Steam at some point.

    Halo CE is one of my all time favorites. I look forward to playing it again.
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  2. Halo is all multiplayer games right? I wonder if there will be a player base.
  3. Story mode and multiplayer. Of course it will have a player base.
  4. Maybe for the first week. People don't stick with games like they used to. I opened Battlefield One a few days ago and the match maker couldn't find me a server with any players. Everyone moved on to Battlefield 5 or was playing the DLC which I didn't have.
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    They have really good single player campaigns. For its time, the first game had one of the best single player campaigns ever. I'm not sure how well it has aged but it would be worth giving a try if you've never played it.

    Reddit basically exploded when this was announced. There will be a player base. Probably a big player base. I think a lot of the user base for the 360 moved on to PC gaming late last gen and never came back.They want these games, just not on the Xbox.
  6. i remember when i got halo ce for pc when it launched. campaign didn't feel any different than the xbox version... but when i fired up that mp... holy crap. those new maps and being able to fly the banshee around.. what a game changer.
  7. i went into a dive to see if there was any type of eta, but nothing. hopefully the division 2 will have enough content to keep me busy until this launches.. wow classic is also coming this summer too.. so maybe i won't get bored before this launches.
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    Yeah no date, but I can't imagine this will be hard to port. XB1 is basically just a low spec AMD PC. I would think it would run well too if they do a proper port.
  9. Halo 3 was the best. I think it was the pinnacle of online console gaming, at least in my age group. I think the franchise went to shit after that, right?


    holy shit; Halo 3 is a 2007 first-person shooter

  10. I enjoyed Halo 3 but I think Halo CE was better.

    It predated consoles being able to get easy updates by a couple of years, so the multiplayer was super polished right out of the box. More polished right out of the box than MP games in modern times that have gotten tons of updates. It was also really well balanced. Blood Gulch is one of the most balanced maps in any multiplayer shooter. I think it might literally be the best multiplayer map of any shooter.

    CE also had a great campaign. And it's long too at around 20 hours.
  11. This is supposed to be coming out in December.

    The system requirements are really low, but this is a 2014 compilation of some really old games, so I guess the low system requirements are to be expected.
  12. it's specifically just halo reach that launches on Dec 3rd. the rest of the collection is still in development
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    I never played Reach, and it's the main thing from this collection that I'm interested in, so I'm fine with that.

    Reach by itself is $9.99 or you can get the whole collection for $39.99
  14. ya it looks really good. I haven't owned any consoles since the Xbox, PS2, gc generation so all titles after halo 2 have my interest
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    Looks well optimized. Even old potato computers should be able to run it well. Anything modern that's half-way decent should be able to do 4K.