Halo HD Remake

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chairmansteve, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Halo: Combat Evolved is getting an HD remake developed by Saber Interactive for Xbox 360. It's expected on November 15th, the 10 year anniversary of the original that built the House of Xbox.
  2. Is this an cynical attempt to milk the Halo franchise dry now that Bungie have left? Who are sabre interative?
  3. Theoretically, you could allready have Halo in HD, by just installing the pc version and cranck the resolution up to 1920x1080 or higher.
  4. Halo has long since been milked dry. The original was the only one that was any good in the first place.
  5. Obviously it's not just a bump in resolution. I'm guessing they'll be updating the graphics a fair bit as well as the gameplay mechanics.
  6. The PC version actually was a graphical update. It ran under DX9 and had effects that weren't present in the Xbox version.
  7. From the rumours circulating around, it seems that they're going to use the REACH engine to power the remake version..but then I was under the impression that Bungie retained the rights to their codebase; it's only the IP that Microsoft now own.

    If they made the MP levels exactly as they were in the PC version with an updated look I'd play it; out of all them I had more fun playing Halo CE multiplayer the most. It was just great fun with perfect balance.
  8. Agreed. Halo CE had some of the best maps and most balanced weapons of any multiplayer shooter I've played.
  9. I meant updated models and scenery and all that jazz to make the most of the 360's hardware.
  10. Yes, you can bet the models, textures and the like will be updated too. If they're using the REACH engine most of the work should be done for them - that is if they are allowed to use Bungi's models/textures, maybe not.
  11. um... why wouldn't an 'HD' remake have high res textures as well as screen size?? It's petty fanboyism to think otherwise. Whether they can use the Reach engine or not they WILL make it different than the 2001 PC version don't be ridiculous.