Happy New Year 2012

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by CaptainScarlet, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Happy new year 2012 to all gamers and fan of PVCF forums best wishes to everybody. :) :D
  2. that's a hella fun ride that NEVER lets you off :)
  3. A ride that will never happens.
  4. Happy new year you crazy bastards!
  5. Happy new year, you wretches.
  6. Crappy new year gay boys!
  7. 2012...presidential election year in the U.S. God help us! :eek:
  8. Going to be a boring year for you guys then.

    I only just woke up 20 minutes ago. No hanger which is good but got to pack all my stuff up to move out tomorrow. Great start to 2012.
  9. Where you moving to?
  10. No where at the moment so I will be staying at my Grans for a bit. Cannot do anything until Tuesday anyway(Stupid new years and bank holidays) then I will be looking for a new place. No internet for a while too which sucks.
  11. That flatmate of yours end up driving you mad then? Sounded like a bit of a nightmare.
  12. Yeah he is a bellend. The amount of times I could have shanked the guy... Basically his fault we got kicked out. Was a bellend right until the end. I spent ages doing this place up but he just fucked it up with parties and stuff, so although I am homeless at least I am away from all this shit.
  13. You mean you don't think extraterrestrial Nordid-phenotype aliens are coming on their giant planetary spaceship to liberate Europe from the mind-control mechanisms of the Illuminati and their reptilian overlords? Yeh, me neither. If anything will happen it will probably be some false-flag event.
  14. how are you still alive
  15. Do you know this guy? Considering this site is impossible to find in Google, I'm guessing he's someone from PVC's past.
  16. No we are not, I put 'us start censoring internet' into Google and the forum came up on the first page. I think we are moving up and that is the kind of search someone may look for without typing the full thread name.

    As long as people type something semi related we do come up, just need more people to actually click. Maybe all those 'guests' that never post are doing us a favour.
  17. There was actually a glitch for awhile where no one could register. The confirmation email was never sent.

    Maybe some of the guests are legit, but I still think most of them are probably spammers or bots of some kind.
  18. khaid has always been very witty and clever... :/ Plus he knew me pretty well when I was growing up. Plz keep secrets Uncle Jackie! Ughmuggleoof!
  19. part of too many message boards, but I may recall a william from pvc.

    But no, anyway I think Khaid was just saying 'with all of that happening why are you still around?' not specifically pointing at this guy... I think.

    Who knows, Khaid has an INCREDIBLE memory lol...
  20. I'm not anything like Chairmansteve so why would I care who you are? As long as you obey the four rules, we'll get along fine.