Harry Balls

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  1. Grim! monsly! Whats going on? Is this some kind of Monty Python sketch?

  2. Is that not how you do your passport photos in the US then?
  3. Re: Re: Harry Balls

    I don't even....
  4. He'll have to do his again, the lighting's not right.
  5. Oh to be a ginger prince!
  6. You know they only published the pictures today. There's been a huge press enquiry over here and the press were really holding back on doing anything. Which is a bit crazy.

    Still, at least he's not dressing as a nazi or taking drugs in this one. A bit of progress!
  7. Yeah I heard they wouldn't release the picture over there for some odd reason.
  8. We've had a massive press enquiry which revealed all kinds of crap; police bribery, illegal information gathering and other dodgy business. So the press - especially the printed press - are walking on eggshells until the verdict is in.
  9. That or the royals can send MI6 after the press, James Bond style.
  10. Vivid is offering him a porno deal. The movie would be called "The Trouble With Harry."