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  1. Alright Nerds! Fuck! How long did it take me to find you all again? Nearly 6 fu-ckin months! I may be totally irrelevant but I enjoyed the forum and then I get distracted for a while and then.....well nothing! Anyway, hello again how you all doing - does that prick gripper live here now and if so did he bring his bitch jonathan 101 with him? anyways stop laughing at my wii and so on...nerds. gotta go - looking up obscure last gen stuff because i'm too jaded to get something that requires social interactive gaming.....
    may have also posted this in the wrong place too......sorry.
  2. hah! looser
  3. Gripper has gone underground and mister101 is in rehab for bad AIDS.
  4. Part of the problem is that Chairmansteve didn't make this place easy to find from the museum. It's in tiny print at the bottom of the page. I wonder how many other stragglers we have because of that.
  5. I made it in the end though. Good job the forum was off my radar though - made me stop surfing when. I was supposed to be studying and as a result I passed my a+ 701 exams. Insert ridiculous operative here. Or just use the word tits.
  6. The more stringent internet monitoring at work has been a pain for me. It's not made me more productive, I'm not falling into that trap.
  7. In some ways it's nice that this place is low key. Trolls like Gripper and Alex didn't follow us here.
  8. what was your score?
  9. Needed a 675 and got thru with a 683! Seriously thought I wouldn't pass - hadn't studied since October due to work/party/work regime so I only took the test because I'd pre paid for it. So stoked when I saw my score. TITS! I also don't work with a computer or in the industry at all which on one hand is a DOUBLE TITS! and on the other the mother of all cockpunches........TITS!
  10. and you have us to thank for that your welcome :|
  11. Well yes....because the time I SHOULD have been spending online in the classroom was infact being spent lurking and surfing on the internet which normally started here and then I'd be distracted elsewhere. Damn short attention span!
  12. No joke! I wasted so much free time on the old forum, I could have been doing something productive like writing a screenplay or building a tree fortress.