How did you end up here?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by cmdrmonkey, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. We've all gotten old. I love how PVC has turned into a discussion forum about buying appliances and fixing up the house to check things off our wives' honey do lists.
  2. No kidding... I was an '03er. One of the first things I remember was getting the Chat Room binned and purged with a barrage of Hasselhoff & Stamos pics. The Steve of later years would've banned us all!
  3. I started a thread in early 2003 called "Halo Sucks" to troll the forums and laugh at Xbox fans' irrate reactions. I also posted lots of Hasselhoff pictures and scatological transvestite stories. Basically I was a troll who turned into a legit member over time.
  4. Uh. My name is bfun and I came here seeking information about Battlefield 1942.
  5. venni vetti venni
  6. 13 years odd and still posting here. Makes me feel bloody old now, especially since I was 15/16 then. It's a shame we don't have half of the members we used to but we still live on.

    Some of us still love gaming, some of you are just old farts now. :D
  7. I came here looking for some DS and PSP sales info, to back up an argument/debate I was having with someone. I've not seen them for years now. Must be because I WON.
  8. Don't remember how I came across this place or when. May have been looking for the name of some game.

    Nice to see phisix is aging slower and backwards
  9. Can't be sure as to why I originally found the forum. It's possible that it was related to searching for pre-release info about the Xbox 360 (which wasn't even named at that point). I got sucked into a long running argument with pjbliverpool about PowerPC vs. Intel and the rest is history...
  10. You're just a couple of years away from joining us in boring old fart land where a good weekend involves mowing the lawn and buying appliances. Resistance is futile. You will make an excellent drone.
  11. That will never happen!!
  12. My god that guy.... a few months ago, I was Googling something and happened upon a Beyond3d thread where he was going at it with fearsomepirate and others. Don't know what keeps them motivated... but then I don't know why I come back here
  13. What led to pjb leaving? Wasn't there a big falling out or something?

    Gripper kept up his antics post PVC. I forget which forum I last saw him on, going over the same MS schtick.
  14. He was one of many who started to clash with TheSteve. I actually became more sympathetic towards his moderation style when trying the SEO stuff. I also gave up like he did, but much sooner.

    I always assumed Gripper was a troll amongst the regulars... surprised to find he was actually real. Gripper chased off more members than anybody. When combined with the ramblings of that space alien lunatic, PVC was doomed!
  15. Gripper was the nail in the coffin of old PVC. I'm pretty happy with New PVC. It's just a chill place for old friends to hang out. Sort of like the Cheers of gaming forums.
  16. Speak for yourself! I've tried to escape many times over the years... nothing theatrical like those gaudy farewell threads, just slowly slip away... the furthest I ever got was becoming a lurker and not posting for several months :(
  17. That's the other thing I remember about early PVC: endless threads about arcane aspects of graphics performance by people who might have known 25% of what they were talking about.
  18. pvc was/is a good life lesson. feel lucky that you guys ran across the forum. you never truly know that there are some crazy people out on the world until you run across some of those old pvc members.
  19. Some of them were bad, but compared to some of the wierdos over at Somethingawful or 4Chan, they're pretty normal. Chris Chan (autistic transexual who attacked someone at Gamestop because he was angry about the new color of sonic's arms) and Kevin Havens (guy who spent all his money on sex dolls and became homeless when his girlfriend kicked him out, now lives on the street with his sex dolls) being two good examples.
  20. True. I've belonged to several other forums but PVC was the only one that managed to bring in the extra special weirdos.