Hurricane Sandy

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  1. I got another hotel room and another box of pizza. Now I'm waiting for the hurricane to knock out power and flood the place.
  2. It's only a category 1. Don't be melodramatic. As long as you're not in a trailer park or by a coastal area, you'll be just fine. A cat 1 is a joke. I'd be outside walking my dogs in a cat 1. Anything under a cat 2 and it's not even worth the effort of putting shutters up.
  3. All I'm seeing online is sandy this and hurricane that. Like there's never been a hurricane before. If it happened over here you'd hear about it once then every one would get on with their lives.
  4. The media over here loves blowing hurricanes up to epic proportions with off the wall fear mongering, especially when it's a slow news day. It's especially annoying because it causes idiots to horde food and gas for no particularly good reason. Sandy is only a cat 1, which is a bad rain storm basically. I don't think I've ever even had a window break in a cat 1. It's hilarious to see them calling this thing "frankenstorm" and "the perfect storm" when you just know it's going to be a non-event.

    Edit: just looked and it's not even a cat 1 now, just a tropical storm. Could the news be any more sensationalist about this non-storm?
  5. Dude, I've been saying this all day. Sandy is probably a joke to people in florida. But this area isn't as habituated. Although i did see something about a construction crane on a highrise snap off in nyc because of the wind.
  6. Also my power went out. So i ate another slice of pizza.
  7. I've been kinda bla all over much like cmdr, probably because both of us lived in florida. Pretty much everyone knew it was going to weaken to nothing once it hit land much like the "hurricanes" that hit florida. Only once in a while you'd get a cat 2 or higher. If a bunch of new yorkers' power goes out for well over a week then you'd have something to talk about. Other than that, I'd only go nuts during hurricanes if I lived in Cuba, Haiti, or the Bahamas.
  8. ordered my "i survived Sandy' T-shirt only 25 dollars!!
  9. If this was 3 feet of snow i wouldnt care. I'm used to that shit. This whole wind knocking crap into my car at 80mph doesn't happen here ever. I'm less concerned about myself than my car to be honest. I tried get out to check for any damage but there is a broken fence flapping near the entryway.
  10. According to reports Sandy has killed 14 people, shouldn't have been out in the hurricane. I bet these guys were among them:


    Some people like to forget that there's a very thin line between bravery and stupidity. If you succeed, you're brave, if you fail, you were stupid.
  11. hopefully supersonic wasn't out doing an Indian food run.
  12. Some people were just stupid. Others just unfortunate. I'd rather tempt fate and die than be asleep and get crushed by a tree falling into the bedroom.

    Of course, i prefer to live and already counted on trees falling. I parked my car and requested a specific room based on these.
  13. NYC and Manhattan beg to differ. A 13 foot storm surge when the previous all-time record was 10?

  14. I've seen stuff that bad before. I had to get around PGA National in a kayak after one of our storms when the pumping station for the peninsula i lived on failed and the whole thing flooded with rain and swamp water. You northerners are just wimps when it comes to hurricanes. Good hurricane preparations should always include a small boat for you and members of your family.
  15. Unless you live in Mississippi, a 13 foot storm surge beats most of the all-time records in the South. Florida's highest was 15 feet way back in 1926.
  16. 29 deaths is bad, but certainly no Katrina or Andrew. I still say the media is way over-sensationalizing this storm. It's probably because it hit New York City, and New Yorkers seem to think the entire planet revolves around them and their shitty, piss smelling dump of a city with its mediocre pizza.
  17. A. It's a densely populated area of the United States with a lot of infrastructure that can be damaged.

    B. Sandy was literally one of the largest hurricanes in terms of sheer size on record...bigger than Katrina or Andrew. I read that a normal hurricane would have tropical storm level winds extending about 300 miles from the center. It was 485 miles from center for Sandy.
  18. if arma or monkey had a storm rip the roof off their house and crush them with a tree, their dying breath would be "this is no big deal".

    I have made my way to a lowes. It not only has power but also free wifi. I have no power at the hotel, and the cell towers are overwhelmed. No calls or data for hours. One in 20 text messages seem to arrive or go out.
  19. The real story is when will you get power back? When hurricane charley hit orlando, i was without power for 8 days.. and this was in August during scorching heat in florida. I also had to dodge a bunch of fallen trees throughout my drive to work the next few days. Prepare to hate life and say to yourself "at least this isn't in the summer"

    The Northeast simply isn't built for bad storms of even Tropical Storm level. They can handle snow like a champ and have plenty of budget for that but for things like this, it's bad news.
  20. Yeah. I drove around to charge my phone. Most roads are closed with downed trees. I've never driven over so many powerlines before. I saw a few houses with trees in them. I think it is going to be a couple days before power comes back. I'm trapped here too, i tried to make a break for it but all paths lead to blocked off roads. So now on top of everything my car is running out fuel with all the gasstations down.