I hate Comcast

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  1. I hate Comcast for many reason but here is my latest reason. I called Comcast yet again to lower my Internet bill. I pay $76 a month for my 16Mb connection which only ever gets 10Mb. On their website they offer a 20Mb package for for $59. I read the fine print and there are no restrictions for this price. After 30 minutes and talking to 3 different people I get to some deal specialist. He goes to the web site and verifies the deal but points out that it says, "Please call your local Comcast office for restrictions and complete details about service", which means they can override any deal posted on the website. So that's pretty much crap. The guy says to qualify for any package I need their phone or TV service. Now if that's not ridiculous enough he offers to throw in basic TV service to my current package which will drop my price down from $76 to $55. That price is locked in for 6 months. After 6 months my Internet goes up to $80 if I don't cancel. Of course I'll take the deal because it's the best I can get but I wont even use the TV service.

    Freaking A.
  2. Comcast is a terrible company. They're massively overpriced and have dreadful customer service. Their connections have a 250GB/month cap. I have frequent service outages. Unfortunately, I'm living in an area where they have a virtual monopoly. My only alternative is 1.5 Mbit DSL through AT&T. AT&T hasn't reached my neighborhood with Uverse yet. When they do, I'll switch.

    We pay way too much for internet access in this country. Europeans pay like $1/month and get gigabit speeds.
  3. If it's digital TV it's using up your bandwidth... not sure if it is though if it's not even hooked up. But if it's hooked up it might as well be on and it'll screw with your bandwidth. If it's digital.
  4. Keep in mind that Uverse has 250GB a month caps too.
  5. It's the pricing games they play that drives me nuts. I asked the guy on the phone where I could find an Internet plan on their website that I could purchase. He didn't have an answer.
  6. That's new. It didn't have a cap when I used it a few years ago.
  7. Yep. It just started in may.
  8. You guys get seriously mugged off, for full cable TV package with HD and PVR, 10Mbit internet (no cap) and unlimited land line calls I pay £46/month $73/month. If I wanted to up my internet to 50Mbit then it would only cost me an extra £12/month, $93/month for everything.

    My area hasn't been upgraded so I can't get 100Mbit yet.


    Doesn't do that over here, I get full speed whether I am watching live TV or on demand and I haven't seen any complaints from anyone on the TiVo package which has its own internet feed.
  9. I have internet and digital TV through Comcast and I've never had that issue. Someone can be watching something in HD in the other room and it doesn't slow my torrent downloads.
  10. I've been clinging to Comcast Blast (16d/2u) for $52/mo.

    New accounts pay ALOT more, but they let me keep my pricing. But they still throttle Netflix almost instantly, so it's of little use.

    If you want best pricing, cancel your account. Then have your wife or somebody call and sign up with a new promo. Repeat.
  11. I have a 25/4 connection with them. It actually downloads at around 30+ Mbit, which I'm guessing is due to me living in suburban/residential area that's mostly older and middle aged people who probably don't use the internet much.
  12. I thought about it but I don’t even know what those offers are. I think I need to enter a fake address on the website to see them because I don’t see the offers.

    I used to pay something like $52 but when I moved they jacked my rates and started charging rent on the modem.
  13. So I had a Comcast guy stop by the house yesterday. He offered me 1 year of 20Mb Internet and basic cable for $40/month. It was an interesting coincidence that he stopped by after all the complaining I did. This is the best deal I've had in a while.
  14. My Comcast connection is down again. Pretty much all it needs to do is thunder a little bit outside and it goes down. I hate having to tether off of my phone so much.
  15. I don't know what you do in America but Cable is usually underground so that's very odd unless your local cabinet is acting as some sort of lightning rod and being hit all the time.
  16. Any inclement weather can have a bad effect on my Sky connection.
  17. On the Sky TV yes it may affect the signal but I would be surprised if it affected the internet too much as its via your phone line and the copper outside will be shielded.
  18. So I was paying for 25MB of service but my speed test never goes over 9MB so I tell Comcast to drop my cap to 15MB and I save $10 a month. Then today I swap out their POS modem with my own and suddenly I'm getting 25MB which is the fastest speed I've ever gotten. Weird. I wonder how the speed cap even works.
  19. The modems they give you are garbage. My connection became way more stable and my download speed doubled when I swapped it out for a motorola.