I might be Grunge

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. This morning I had an epiphany. I realized that I might be grunge. It hit me like a bus and explained so much. I like loose, unfashionable, comfortable clothes and I like to listen to what ever music I want to. What other symptoms would I have? Should I be concerned?

  2. Do you have long hair and face fuzz? Do you whinge a lot? Are all your friends weird? Did you cry at the end of The Notebook?

    Basically, are you a monsly?
  3. I have face hair galore. I only shave once a week and people have started calling me the yeti. I don’t really have long hair but my pork chops have gone crazy. I look like one of the Beetles.
  4. There's nothingnmore grunge than going farmer style.
  5. Sounds more like middle age than grunge from your description. Do not worry but remember to consult your physician if signs of emo-ness set in.
  6. That is from experience I take it. ;
  7. Well, I know what grunge is and it isn't that.
  8. O rly? Sounds like middle age and grunge is the same thing.
  9. No, it really isn't but you could perhaps try visiting your nearest grunge nightclub and see how you fit in. You may need to drive in a De Lorean to get there.
  10. The emo has been going around. Hawk has a terrible case.
  11. Yeah, you had it pretty bad when this place was starting up.
  12. I think your forum rank should be changed to Badmotorfinger now that you've had a grunge epiphany.
  13. Anyone remember Gen 13? That doofus in back was named Grunge.

  14. Grunge + Emo =

  15. I felt very grunge yesterday. Had an orange plaid shirt on. Listed to some Bach. Yup, very grunge.
  16. I'm not sure just what you are anymore.
  17. I'm thinking a bit of this...


    and this...

  18. Don't diss the mallet!!