I thought Macs didn't get malware

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  1. Turns out all it took for them to start getting hit was for them to get a little bit popular. What do you have to say for yourselves now Apple faggots?

  2. I was just talking to a stupid-head that said he hates windows pcs since he has to update and deal with his AV every week (sounds like his time of the month just became his time of the week! OH!!!) unlike his mac, he can go totally A/V-less on that and not even worry. So I ask him why don't you go A/V-less on a PC?? And he goes all postal on me lol. What can you do when a dudebro insists that he's right?? *shrug*

    Fact is an Apple is just as susceptible it's just harder to code for and not as much info is easily gotten on it. But the thing is if there is a security breach like this, it's gonna be a HUGE one cuz most mac users don't use A/V.
  3. Why is this myth so important to Windows users? It should be obvious to anyone with even a vague knowledge of Apple that malware and virus protection has been around for Macs and OS X for years and years. Apple has it's own security measures in place and you can also buy third party software if you like.

    I wasn't even aware of the Flashback trojan (which exploits Java, not OS X) until recently, and I did the quick cut/paste of recommended command lines to the Terminal app to see if my system had it. Nope.
  4. The actual question is why isn't it a big deal to mac users? I would think ANY computer user would be a little bothered about the possibility of his computer going down.
  5. Why do you believe the average Mac user doesn't care? Apple does put an emphasis on security as part of their sales pitch for OS X, and the built-in features are certainly on par with Windows even though the number of threats are lower.
  6. well duh the commercials brainwash ppl to think 'Apple takes care of it so we don't have to' sounds like a deal with the Devil to me but.
  7. So you think third party software companies that sell anti-virus/anti-malware software aren't telling their customers the same message? That their product is working behind the scenes to provide security?
  8. Antivirus companies kick up the biggest fuss they can in order to make sales.

    "Somewhere... in THE WORLD this new virus, called MURDERINGDEATHRAPE.pvc has INFECTED ONE BILLION compooters WORLDWIDE! Don't leave your antivirus protection to some guy in the background. Buy our antivirus program!

    It's like ROBOCOP breaking the spine of a dog! Whilst kicking babies! You know it's working from the screams"
  9. Don't use that stuff it's the Debil's work. Happy Resurrection Sunday btw (boy am I gonna be not popular for sayin that lol)

    (I'm joking about the AV thing btw... AVs all well and good but it's not worth complaining over like the guy in my example did. It's also not worth holding over ppl's heads either like corporations and Tech ppl tend to do)