Intel Atom 2012

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  1. N2600 - 1.6GHz CPU, 400MHz GPU, 3.5W
    N2800 - 1.86GHz CPU, 640MHz GPU, 6.5W
    D2700 - 2.13GHz CPU, 640MHz GPU, 10W

    It's just a minor improvement: same CPU architecture, new GPU (PowerVR SGX 545), lower energy consumption. And the low end (the chip in netbooks under $250) now has two cores (N455 Vs N2600).

    N455 - 1.66GHz CPU (single), 200MHz GPU (GMA 3150), 6.5W
  2. who cares about atom? Awesome that Intel got a new GPU to work off of, sounds like them trying to answer what AMD's done, but it's all about Trinity now. This new GPU better be really good, but I don't know if an ipad2 can beat the current Fusion let alone Trinity.
  3. And Trinity won't be obliterated by some Intel processor? If its power consumption is like the current AMD A-Series, then it can't compete with Atom.

    Atom D2700 - Dual 2.13GHz, 10W, $52
    Pentium G630T - Dual 2.3GHz, 35W, $70
    AMD A4-3400 - Dual 2.7GHz, 65W, $71
    Pentium G850 - Dual 2.9GHz, 65W, $75

    AMD A8-3850 - Quad 2.9GHz, 100W, $135
    Core i3-2130 - Dual 3.4GHz, 65W, $138
    Core i5-2400S - Quad 2.5GHz, 65W, $184
    Core i5-2400 - Quad 3.1GHz, 95W, $184

    If the GPU is good enough for HD H.264 and some basic games, it's good enough. What more do you want at 3.5W? That's three and a half, not thirty-five.
  4. you saying they can't undervolt the A4 there and run it at 2.3ghz at about 35w? I'm sure they'll cut more out and refine processes here and there, the HD7000 core is even more power efficient than the HD6000 and I'm sure a smaller 7000 part than the 7970 will just amaze. Just speculation but I think 35watts is doable at faster than atom speeds, who knows what else they got?

    I'm just being a blind amd fanboy but... kudos to Intel in their attempt to 'catch up'. (And even more kudos to IMG Tech! What a surprise!)
  5. Holy atom-smasher, Batman! A 35W processor that's faster (pronounced: fash-ter) than Atom? That's a miracle, I say! Can such a thing be possible?

    AMD A4-3300M - Dual 1.9GHz, 35W, $??
    Celeron B840 - Dual 1.9GHz, 35W, $86
    Pentium B960 - Dual 2.2GHz, 35W, $134

    Atom Z series has had a PowerVR SGX 535 GPU since 2008.
  7. There will be another Atom launched in 2012. Intel plans to replace the PowerVR GPU with its own design borrowed from Ivy Bridge. The Ivy Bridge GPU can have up to 16 execution units (368 GFLOPS at 1.15 GHz turbo?), but certainly the version in Atom will be slim and slow to keep the watts low.

    Ivy Bridge GPU = DX11 Shader Model 5.0, OpenCL 1.1

    A more exciting Atom is coming in 2013 with a new CPU architecture.
  8. A more exciting Atom? Didn't think that was possible.
  9. Atom blows. If I were buying a netbook today it would be AMD Fusion based.
  10. Ivy Bridge GPU is said to be pretty good.


    Obviously it won't look like that in the Atom though. It'll probably perform well with Win8 metro apps/games though.
  11. Hah! that's still laughable though lol. I'm expecting this HD4200 (or whatever) to be like an HD2000 is to HD3000, cut in half. At roughly HD3000 speads, if Trinity can reach (close to) current Llano speeds like AMD says it can, the competition will look absolutely ludicrous! And this won't be out till 2013? Wonder how the PVR535 will do. can a Brazos pose competition to an ipad 2 gpu-wise? The i3 is WORLDS faster than the Brazos or even Llano, but is the Atom? I thought Brazos was faster than Atom in every way.

    The biggest difference, according to notebookreview forums, is temp over time. small i3 based notebooks are nothing but trash as they burn out within a year or so I hear. Another reason to go AMD
  12. are you skimming through the thread rather than reading the posts? ;)

    chair is posting about low power atom processors, not the regular mobile processors like the core i3 you mentioned. those are a totally different class.

    also chair said the new atom for 2012 is looking to use that ivy bridge gpu. the atom for 2013 will be even more powerful.

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  13. If this next Atom with Ivy League graphics is 22nm, then the two may be the same -- late 2012 or early 2013 launch. Perhaps they're both 22nm, the first a graphics update and die shrink, the second a new CPU architecture -- Intel's "tick tock" strategy.

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  14. I compare it to the i3 cuz the current atom is not even comparable speed-wise to Brazos. Most ppl compare the Brazos to the i3... I don't even recall any benchies with an atom :/

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  15. Have you only been looking at games and 3DMark? Does PCMark Vantage include gaming?

    PCMark Vantage
    Atom N2600 (3.5W) - 1493
    AMD E-350 (18W) - 2567
    Atom D2700 (10W) - 2686
    AMD A4-3300M (35W) - 3676
    Core i3-2330M (35W) - 6600
  16. oh! ow! you got me!!!! I guess you could use 2007 apps on Atom based machines lol. I value 3dmark WAY more than PCMark because the typical low score of cpus of this type means a bit more than a low score in pcmark. IE the typical what 4k score the e350 gets in 3dmark vantage says your machine can play GTA4 at acceptable frame rates whereas a 4k score in pcmark still only tells you current apps will be dog slow on your machine.

    PCMark tells you next to nothing on this class of machine. Wow, so the E-350 IS slower than the D2700 (btw I'm assuming the E-400 and E-450 is faster?), both are SLOW... I mean even if it was as 'fast' as the A4 it's STILL SLOW! lol
  17. What are some current apps?
  18. Premiere CS6
    even some media converters would struggle at that speed.

    These tasks are not intended for netbooks so why even evaluate these machines on them? On the other hand older games CAN BE played on SOME netbooks, 3DMark is a good measuring stick for these.
  19. Media conversion is a more realistic netbook task than games, unless you're talking web games and PopCap games. My trusty Atom has modified much media. It's also played a few flash games and emulated classic games.
  20. I play many xbox generation games on my brazos based netbook, it's just better for that kind of stuff. Makes the fan go nuts though... but I doubt it's hot really, just the fan likes to spaz out.