Intel SandyBridge Line

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  1. A review of the Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs from AnandTech.


    Not sure what the implications of having a GPU on the chip is. Will motherboards not need to come with built-in graphics anymore?

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  2. The onboard video will mean a lot more for notebooks or entry level desktops.

    The Sandy Bridge chips are absolute monsters in terms of performance. The i5-2500K performs better than all previous i7s except for the six core extreme edition. The i7-2600K trades blows with the six core extreme edition. On top of that, they're pretty cheap for what they are. Roughly $200 for a 2500K, and $300 for a 2600K.

    The only complaint I have with them is that they use yet another socket type. Why can't intel just make up its mind? AMD doesn't change sockets nearly this often.
  3. Just wait for X68, those are the high-end ones.
  4. Yeah I thought I read somewhere that some even faster ones will be coming soon. I think AMD is just focusing on their mobile CPUs now. Thats probably the future anyway.
  5. The current Sandy Bridge CPU's are just low/mainstream cpu's. The high-end model will be the real successor to the i7/X58 platform.
    High-end will have 8 cores (16 threads), quad channel, and high clock speeds.
  6. When do you think we'll need that much power from a CPU? A CPU with those specs just seems like it would be for bragging rights in most cases. I am strongly considering grabbing that 2600K for ~$300 and overclocking it, and I don't really need it right now. I'll wait as long as I can to upgrade; by then it will be even cheaper.
  7. ATM ive an 920, one of the better CPU's from 2008. And it still serves very well, there aint any games yet that max it. My next platform will be X68, its the highest-end, best performance. Am not only using the pc for games.