Intel Skylake

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, May 31, 2015.

  1. Anyone interested in this? Is it the tick or the tock? As far as desktops go nothing really seems to be that big of a leap over the old Sandy Bridge.
  2. This is good in one way, but horrendous in another.

    I have a 3770K and from a pure grunt power perspective its still good now and I don't need to upgrade the CPU.

    However, the motherboard technologies that came with z77 mean that I don't have all the nice stuff like m2 and other goodies. That combined with the fact that no one makes these motherboards any more has got me rather anxious. If for some reason my MSI mobo dies I have to resort to aidsbay to get another mobo.

    I wish they would make a breakthrough in CPUs, so it would give me the correct impetus to upgrade!
  3. Some Black Friday sales have the Skylake i7 6700k with mobo for $330 and the i5 6600k with mobo for $250. The new Kaby Lake processors are coming out in February and should be 5% to 12% faster. The i7 7700k will be $350 and the i5 7600k will be $240. Zen is also coming out soon and should be an 8 core CPU that performs similarly to Haswell.

    I'm contemplating jumping on one of the Skylake deals but I'm curious to see what Zen is like.
  4. Been running some Skylake i5 with DDR4 at work on a few systems for a while. They are pretty quick, the difference between them and the Haswell systems aren't massively apparent however.