Interstellar - Chris Nolan scifi epic

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  1. Interstellar was awesome. Sci-fi fans need to watch that. Must see AAAA.
  2. It had kind of meh reviews for a Chris Nolan movie. I think I'll wait and download it.
  3. ^ Yeah. Seemed to have more buzz pre/during production than at release. Never a good sign.
  4. well your call, but it's one of the best scifi movies I've seen. I'd also list it as the best nolan film so far too. but considering I was never a big batman fan, that may skew things a bit.
  5. But you also enjoyed Step Up 2 The Streets
  6. yep! I'm not picky about movies.. or food. hell I don't even read reviews about games or movies. I always find it best to experience it yourself and make your own decisions.

    when you start creating your own thought/opinion on something before you even try it, you've already failed. life lesson.
  7. I'm planning on seeing interstellar at IMAX. I'm just in it for the spectacle
  8. Beautifully said but not entirely correct. If I try a game and don't like it I've wasted my time. Playing a game that I didn't like means that I didn't get to play a game that I would have liked and that's a fail. The same goes for movies. I might get to see one movie a month in theater. I want to make sure it's a good one.
  9. it was a very general statement, but yes there are rules to it. for example, i don't watch comedies because i already know I don't like comedy movies. if you already know you don't like first person shooters, you wouldn't just jump in and assume the best. if i don't like soy sauce, i wouldn't try a plate called soy sauce chicken.

    but based on a few facts.. i love sci-fi movies and chris nolan generally makes win movies, it was pretty much a guaranteed watch for me.
  10. I actually like bad movies and am pretty lenient unless it's offensively stupid.

    But over the years I've come to dislike the theatrical experience. Prefer just hanging with a group and streaming Amazon/Netflix. As long as it's not my place!
  11. Interstellar is amazing. Really deserves to be seen in IMAX. Probably give it a 9-9.5/10.

    Stay away from reviews because they're spoiling plot points left, right and centre.

    You should watch it in a cinema. Imax if possible.
  12. It has Anne Hathaway in it, so I would never be able to get my wife to go see it, and I'm not going to the movies alone. Like a lot of people she despises Anne Hathaway. She refused to watch Batman 3 just because Anne Hathaway had a small part in it. Why did Nolan cast Anne Hathaway? Kind of reminds me of Edge of Tomorrow and how people avoided that movie even though it was great just because it had Tom Cruise in it. If you have a great movie on your hands, don't cast someone who is box office poison.
  13. My wife thinks I have a thing for Renée Zellweger so she makes a comment about it every time one of her movies comes on. Little does she know that I actually have a thing for Zooey Deschanel.

    You keep fighting for her Joseph! **sobs**

  14. Just go on your own, monkey. It'll be cheaper and we all know you have no shame


    This Renee zellweger?

  15. Holy shit, when did Renee Zellwegers face completely change???

    As for Zooey, yeah she is alright but I can't get past her stupid name.
  16. Renee Zellweger had a plastic surgery disaster. It was in the tabloids recently.
  17. Or maybe people need to stop caring about celebrities lives and see a movie based on whether it looks like a good movie.

    Don't get me wrong, the whole hollywood casting world is very broken, with people being paid far too much just because they have the look, or an established name. None the less, the movie going public owe it to themselves to try their best to ignore any knee jerk dislikes they might have for someone they don't know, and not surround themselves in the gossip bs that clings to fame.
  18. I kinda get the Tom Cruise hate, but on an entertainment level you will do a lot worse than a TC movie. None of his stuff has been outright horrible.

    I didn't know Anne Hathaway had such a splitting audience. What the hell has she done?
  19. Google hathahaters. A lot of women despise her for some reason.
  20. They're upset because she won an Oscar for Les Miserables? Sounds more like gay men than women.